I’m HONEST! That is the DIFFERENCE!My gift is REAL. I will tell you how another person is thinking and feeling. Where things are headed, what is going on, and WHAT YOU CAN DO!

First names only. 20+ years experience.

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Psychology Degree, Counselling Studies, Mindfulness Practioner, Reiki Energy Healing, Pranic Healing, NLP, Master Tarot.


I am ranked as one of the best on psychic phone lines where I work. Im ranked internationally as one of the best Psychic Advisors. Im genuinely gifted.

I love what I do and seek to help and support. I genuinely care. My approach is honest as that is respect. If you are not psychologically or emotionally prepared for an honest reading then you are not ready for a reading with me. Come to me for straight answers. I will be kind but I am honest. Any negative reviews I have gotten have been from people only wanting to hear what they want to hear. Honestly it is like that sometimes!

Psychic Tarot Reading – ask about love, relationships, career, finances, and issues you are facing. I can tell you how another person is thinking and feeling. I can advise on likely outcomes and predict time frames. Soulmate readings are a specialty! Want to ask about love? Where is this relationship going? What are they thinking? What can I do? Get the answers you need!

Natural born Psychic. Highly intuitive with clairaudient abilities. Expert Tarot reader. The messages you receive will be what it is you need to hear. Prepare to hear the truth told with kindness. No star signs used. First names only. No date of birth needed. No long winded sentences or complicated language used. I dont sell spells.

Honest and accurate professional Psychic. 20+ years experience. I care. I will tell you the truth with kindness. I will advise where you stand and where things are headed. I will also guide you as to what you can do to help improve the situation. I can connect to others in your life and tell you how they are thinking and feeling. I dont predict health or pregnancy though I can look at the energy surrounding this for you.

More about me – I am a full time professional Psychic advisor. An established Psychic with a solid reputation known as Anandas*Word or Anandas Word internationally.

I am Irish, and in Europe. So, if its late at night or very early in the morning where you are I am wide awake and ready for you.

My approach is empowering and positive. I’m an energy healer. Intuned with the healing energy of Reiki and Pranic healing. Highly intuitive with clairaudient abilities. The ‘gift’ runs through the female line in my family back generations. I have a degree in Psychology and completed studies in counseling. I truly do understand on many levels.

Looking for me? – I am in Europe and work Mon-Fri full time as a Psychic. In North America you will find me online v. late at night to morning/lunch time depending on your time zone.

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26 May 2017 satisfactory ranking ebik

Reading wasn't negative but very vague at times as she said a few things that made no sense , & when I questioned her she would not clarify for e.g.she stated outside influences affected our situation but would not explain who they were or how they influenced situation. Limited time didn't help but I'm not sure if she was quite connected to situation due to vagueness of answers. Thanks

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01 Feb 2017 satisfactory ranking karrie83

Lovely person, picked up on a lot and read the situation really well. I'll come back and update if things come to pass.

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04 Dec 2016 satisfactory ranking pree28

If you dont ask the right questions here, you will not get the right answers. This can be a frustrating read especially if you are on the clock with the reader. Perhaps it would be better for the reader to understand better my feelings.

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23 Jul 2016 satisfactory ranking pree28

Like reading with her

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24 Jun 2015 satisfactory ranking energia

very accurate about the present. gave good, sound advice about what actions to take forward, but no detail into the future... just "co-operative energy". when i asked if she could give me more than that her energy shifted and got strangely, aggressively cold, and it really did not feel good to be connected to her. It was not what she said or even how she said it, but more like her energy turned very sour .... left me feeling really uncomfortable.

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