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Spiritual Jav

☆☼Relationship Expert☆☼Spiritual Psychic ☆☼Spiritual Life Coach ☆&☆☼Dream Analyzer ☆☼☆*


☆Join Me To Have Truthful, Non-judgmental And Accurate Insight Into Your Situation☆

I am here to help you with my Gifted abilities in finding the answers you seek and having the guidance you need to make right decisions in your life. I will tell you everything as it is and not tell/say anything otherwise just to make you feel happy.

My readings will give help you to get rid of fears of the future, and will also help you to understand where things stand and what can be done to make them right.

Get a read with me to reveal the Truth about your:

Life, Career, Marriage, Love, Relationships, Dating, Twin-Flames, Soulmates, Finances, Intent of your partner and Changes in life that got you worried.

Dreams are from nature and guidance from the spirits, I will help decode/Interpret the messages Dreams carry for you with my spiritual expertise.

Special package/Deal: 100 min for 150$$☼☼200 min for 250$$ (Minutes can be used in multiple sessions)

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I am a natural Gifted Spiritual Adviser, Clairvoyant, Relationship Counselor, Healer and Life Guide.

I am in-tune Empath which helps the client to connect with me strongly while feeling at ease and also helps them to understand me better. I provide guidance along with answers to your difficult situations.

I also offer Therapy, Spiritual coaching, healing prayers and Reiki to those who are going through bad phase in their lives. My sessions and readings are to the point and subject oriented which will help you in getting the whole picture regarding the situation.

NOTE:Chat dis-connection is not Deliberate.If the chat goes off/gets DC, You are advised to please call back. Your time/minutes bought will remain safe with me.



I have been in this profession for 13+ years and have helped thousands of people. I have my own unique way of guiding and counselling which have benefits of its own and a client is privileged to feel a great sense of peace and relief after a TRUTHFUL & HONEST session with me.

I won’t tell you what you hope to hear in order to give you false sense of "relief or hope" that hinders progress. I will give you what you need, THE TRUTH, to help you in exploring the options that lie before you, thus enabling you to make right decisions for your bright future. I also provide insight into the outcome of your choices that are in front of you to make right decisions for your bright future. People come to me and have their mind cleared and are guided towards right path and light because my priority is to solve your issues and guide you towards happiness and success.


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24 Feb 2018 satisfactory ranking lostsoul209

OK update you said she had move forward and she wasn't feeling bad anymore well she still does she feel sorry why would she contact me and said she was sorry also you said there were no connection that why she won't date me I don't think that true there were a connection I told her that and she didn't said anything she just said please stop. I feel that not every psychic is 100 percent accuracy more like 60 to 70 percent but you are still every good.

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30 Aug 2017 satisfactory ranking ferns09

nice person and good human being will update if the prediction come to pass.thank you.

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21 Jul 2017 satisfactory ranking sultana

He guided me so wel If the things he Said wil come out i wil update thank you so Much ur very kind

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01 Jul 2017 satisfactory ranking mskimmy

very quick and to the point Thank u

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09 Jun 2017 satisfactory ranking nerdq92

Satisfactory but same old stuff. Nothing new. Nothing special and personal enough for me to think about. The ideas are common sense. Maybe it's also hard for him to say anything new if situation doesn't change much. But I doubt that the tiny little details dont change at all. Sometimes its the details that count. But he's not too good with details. Can only see big picture. Overall nice personality. Just nothing too outstanding. Caring. Nice.

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