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I will provide a free of charge excellent advisory service. I guarantee that the knowledge I’ll be giving is 100% authenticate and with reason-ability. I’ve developed telepathy, and am experienced with learning and understanding. There is a low possibility I will not understand your matter, I will always have a solution. This is advisory from a wisdom based society, that abides from spiritual laws. People from this society are very enlightened. This society isn’t very revealed. I am the leader and founder of this society, and I am offering my services of advisory free of charge. I am obligated to give knowledge to as many inhabitants of Earth as I can.

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I’ve learned enough to lead with complete righteousness. I know right from wrong and how wisdom is, along with how it works. I know all of the universal and spiritual laws, I live in almost complete harmony and have a great understanding in spiritualism, and the human mind. I know of action + reaction, and also how it works. I can view things in any perspective with the creative imagination I’ve been given.

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