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Quick, accurate answers. No Information Needed.

In depth details, hair color, height, personality profiles.

I do not just connect to the situation, I become one with the person you are inquiring about. I can tell you their thoughts, intents, desires and how to work through the situation for better results.

I will not shy from detail and will not rest until you have a clearer vision on the persons mind and how they work.

I can look into more than just love life, my issues range from career, to lost items, to animals, past loved ones.. etc.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

The irony in this part is I believe in past lives, and even as a child I understood concepts and performed rituals.

so as far as experience is concerned..

I have been using my gifting’s all of this life, as early as my little eyes remembered.

Intuitive work is first nature to me, it is my passion, and my focus.

I see what is ahead- and will tell you what the guides wish for you to do so you can have the most transformative and powerful experience out of your turmoil.

I have trained many people over the years to hone their skills, and you can even find a few of my students here, working on bitwine.


Just to tell a little..

I began predicting things for others at age 4, in the church and was given the title of prophetic.

Seeing visions, spirits, and even writing a book on the frequencies of the earth at age 11, I have always been driven to the spiritual.

My shamanic initiation began from birth

-I have gone through ego death

-I have gone through actual death. [many times]

-I have gone through all layers and levels of initiation.

-I have ancestral bloodline that traces back to the tribe of Ezekiel.

Shamanic bloodline

I have been training my whole life, but my skills were refined under the direction of my mentor over these past years.

I am unlike anyone before, as my charting system is unique and has been accurate again and again—and one call will verify that to you.

Blessings, let us make a connection and clear you of confusion once and for all.

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25 Apr 2017 excellent ranking antwangiles

Thank you Jade. You have brought some peace into my mind.I will try to hold onto that.

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25 Apr 2017 excellent ranking ranj1000

Thank u, love her.

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24 Apr 2017 excellent ranking starlite

So accurate and helpful thanks so much !

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23 Apr 2017 satisfactory ranking gabe28

im sorry but you were suppose to charge me 20$ and i accept charges for 20$ and it end up at the end of the tchat that i paid 40$??! I would like to know why? i really connected with you and felt you were accurate but i didn't have time to ask anything because you were writing so much stuff..Besides that, i thought you were very nice and sweet and i still have one question left! ill wait for some news thanks

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22 Apr 2017 excellent ranking introvert82

Everything seems to be falling into place as predicted. She is always wants was best for you, nothing else. She doesn't just tell you what she thinks you want to hear. Always truthful.

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