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Whether you Believe or Not, but planet always effect on our future and, from the vibration of planet we always obey and behave, your Birth chart is a Mirror of your life, you will find-out everything from your birth chart about , your Health, Wealth, love-relationship, child, career, family relation, money, richness, status,Business, path of life, etc, perfectly, Astrology always predict perfect about your life, and Astrology always work with particular principle,. What your star are indicating about your life, i will predict perfectly from Ancient Indian Astrology and Secret of Planet system, which system perfect and rare in the world, I have 33 years vast experience of Horoscope and chart reading, Helping many of people from my expertise knowledge of astrology. I am only scientific astrologer, i am not believe in any blind faith, and Gem stone. but, I know the secret of planets that how they work and effect us..

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Practicing Astrology in its purest form to help people from last 33 years . Specialization in chart reading. I had studied Many ancient manuscript about astrology, and also research about how planet work and effect us by scientifically, I have god gift also which helping me solving the problem of people.I am knowing occult science, Mantras, and Beej mantras, and research that how Mantras are effect our soul and how increase our energy..


I have 33 years experience of Horoscope reading, i had experience of live astrologer, I had write many article in many magazine. i had research about 120* (degree) relation and effect of planets in chart and horoscope. I had predicted that "" BARAK OBAMA WILL RE-ELECTED IN USA ELECTION "" before one month on my facebook timeline, you can see my interview on youtube about ""fact of astrology"" taken by journalist. My true prediction..I had predicted on 1st March 2014 that…"" Retrograde Mars will be make Air-crash, Blooded events, Mass attack, before July 2014… had Invited me for a Lecture on Secret of Astrology and Secret of Mantras….you can hear my lecture by clicking link

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25 Mar 2014 excellent ranking mskimmy

i enjoy my reading different but very very accurate...I will be back.

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17 Mar 2014 excellent ranking sean (unregistered)

I enjoy Achharya Jaydev readings, he is awesome reader and good a listener and he cares to you what happens, he is very kind and willing to help anyone, I would highly recommend this reader and I keep going back and fourth to him because he gives results and time to any situation the best and awesome...

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16 Mar 2014 excellent ranking moonlight11

Achharya is very good with reading astrology charts and he's also very kind and generous. He answered all my questions and cleared the clouds in my head. Thank you Ach.

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12 Mar 2014 excellent ranking lilprincess1

Just had my reading done.. Such a sweet psychic.. He take his time to explain to me unlike all the other psychic whom always give client false hope and prediction etc... Everyone should come try a reading with him u will be happy with his reading... Again thanks achharya jaydev for the chat reading.. Ur so sweet.. And I will keep ur prediction in mind..!!!

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02 Mar 2014 excellent ranking sean (unregistered)

I really enjoyed the reading and would love to come back to the reading.

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