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Hi to you all, here to get some answers… My name is Psychic Detective Cassandra and I, am here to guide you, throughout any difficulties, you may be facing. The intentions, are not always, as clear, as we think, they are. I wish you, as you talk to me, the strength, to let the answers, be what they are and that, is the truth. If you, are afraid of hearing the truth, give it, the time, you need and make your priorities, as clear, as you need, them to be. To love relationship situations, please tell me, your name only and remember, your birthdate, is controlled and stalked. The information, is not shared, with third parties, for privacy reasons and I, am not, going to change that. I began working, with tarot cards, a couple of years ago, to heal the gift, which always knows, what is really, going on. Born gifted, I can sense, through clairvoyancy, the ability, another might have too and why, they may need, confirmation. Through clairsentiency, I am able, to feel the pain of others & what happened.

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From envy to jealousy, we are followed, wherever, we go, so do trust yourself and protect your worth, invest, in a reading with me, when you and only you, are ready and do not, give up, even, if it looks, like it. I use claircognizance, which is, the ability to taste, indeed, as it can prepare you, for dates with beautiful people, up to healing, with a more refined look, at food and how, to nurture, your body. Do remember, you mean, a lot to me, so do not ask, questions, you, are not sure about or really, are only asking, to fill time. The goal here, is to not waste, your means and my means, as we both, are attracting energy, into our timelines, as I, read you. Every client, is sensed and how you look, is not, what I, focus on. Have you, slept well? Have you, eaten well? Do you, struggle with nutrition and healing? Are you frustrated, because of the current circumstances, and how, to handle them? You, would only find me, if you, have had it, with running around, in circles, feeling, unnoticed.


Your beauty, is your energy, in life. Be yourself and trust, in everything, you have, so far, come to realize, about yourself. Psychic Detective Psychic Empath Psychic Healer Tarot Card Reader Dream Interpretor Psychologist Psychiatrist Chief of Surgery Chief of Medicine Correspondent Artist Scientist

"Life, inspires. Inspire, life!" -Chief Prf. Dr. Chr. Detective Wiechert

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14 Oct 2017 unsatisfactory ranking oneofakind22

The beginning of the reading seemed accurate. As time went on , it became inaccurate . I feel the second half of reading was crap and and very untrue. So I am honestly disappointed . Now I understand what the other unsatisfactory reviews are talking about . If you have money to waste , she is the advisor for you! I cannot be racist if I’m black , white and Spanish ! Too bad your so called psychic abilities didn’t pick up on that ! She is a fraud and scam artist ! If you don’t believe me , get a reading and you will see for yourself!

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22 Sep 2017 unsatisfactory ranking Ethok (unregistered)

total waste of money - the 3rd reading proced she is a FAKE. the last 3 excellent reviews was my mistake

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15 Sep 2017 unsatisfactory ranking abc123ok

She's fake. Made the reading up. Refused a refund and was so so rude. Beware. Wasted my money. She completely made things up and said things that are not true.

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