My name is Chippy. I have been utilizing my psychic abilities for more than 15 yrs. I pick up and feel people’s energies, & receive messages from the Angelic realm as well as from SPIRIT. I have been seeing and hearing spirits and messages since the age of 5 years old. All of my life experiences enable me to do what I love to do best. HELP PEOPLE and EMPOWER them to be the best they can be for their HIGHEST GOOD!!! How this works is: I work as an Intuitive Counselor to bring clarity/ guidance to your life. I will give you direction to enable you to achieve happiness which you desire & for your highest good. My psychic abilities are keen, & time frames are quite accurate. I connect using my gifts from the highest & most loving vibration. I will not give you advice that I don’t feel, see or hear from spirit. Here are some of the areas RELATIONSHIPS
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I am a reader of cards, with intuitive and empathic abilities. The pendulum gives me very direct answers, and I am accurate with time frames.

My mediumship ability allows me to connect to deceased loves and friends. . Because I do connect so well to the world of "spirit", I can help in many areas which you may find distressing.

I do Mayan Astrology and Numerology reports. Please order by email, and include your DOB, and given name at birth. This is a very detailed report prepared just for you.

I am able to connect to you without the use of cards, if this is your desire.

I am able to train, and assist you in developing your own abilities, including meditation, and the pendulum

I am do practice Reiki and able to assist in healing, and house cleansing and clearing.

Please see my TESTIMONIALS ! I have been blessed with so many wonderful, and repeat clients. They respect me for the knowledge I am able to give to them, they return to me for my proven accuracy of predictions.


As a child I knew I was gifted when I started to see spirits from the age of five years old. Around 2000 I had an out of body experience in my home, during the day. My child was asleep in her room, and I felt the spirit of my first husband touching my hair , and when I turned around he was there. I then saw my own body leave my physical body and sit at the table speaking with him. This is when I seriously became interested in the metaphysics. **NEVER FEAR CHIPPY IS HERE

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Languages: English/ Spanish

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13 Jun 2016 excellent ranking ranj1000

Short but sweet, in tune and gave me some hope, waiting for the predictions :)

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26 Nov 2015 unsatisfactory ranking chasitylynn2001

Most AWFUL reading I hAve had on here. Was not accurate on anything, I don't even think she was referring to the person I was asking about. Did not answer my questions but would turn around and ask me a question not pertaining to my question. Please don't waste your money

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27 Sep 2015 excellent ranking altimagal

Great reading to soothe my soul. I am finally at peace and she really open my eyes. She confirmed I am on the right path. Thanks a million

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21 Jun 2015 satisfactory ranking parvatilove

talk about a swindling reader. I paid for the 10 min read. She sent the charge immediately (no 3 min intro to connect) . THEN asked for dobs etc for 4 minutes so i only got 6 mins of time instead of 10. I told her it was not cool to charge me for time she was asking me questions. she didnt care. Otherwise she seemed connected. I would not come back though . and FYI the reading was good enough that i would have added funds had she not cheated me out of the half of the promised $10 reading.

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14 Apr 2015 excellent ranking t_marie

Fast and tuned in Will let you know :)

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