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I specialize in relationship issues. I have worked with clients since the mid-1980s to help them understand virtually every type of relationship, including bi, cross-gendered, etc. My fundamental belief is that we do not choose to be in pain, and that successful relationships are not ‘magical’, but are the outcome of certain actions and beliefs. The hardest thing to change is one’s own mind! Work with me to make your relationship better, and to better understand yourself and your reactions to life. I use natal charts, progressed, composites, multiple composites, and various Tarot and/or oracular cards. I received a certificate in 1981 from the American Federation of Astrologers. Prior to that, I took courses through Noel Tyl and Maggie Nalbandian of Astrology Et Al, Seattle, USA. I am also a writing/creativity coach, with a doctorate in Rhetoric and Composition from Washington State University, with 25+ years of counseling experience.

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1981: American Federation of Astrologers Certification 1996: Masters in Composition and Rhetoric, Speciality in Writing Apprehension, Washington State University, WA. 2002: Doctorate in English, Speciality Rhetoric and Composition. 2010: 120 Hour TESL Certification, Seattle University.

Since 2009, I have maintained a blog about astrology, the occult, and science/skepticism Beyond The Stars Astrology:

Contact me via Beyond The Stars Astrology for $10 off a full reading (I usually charge $75 for one hour’s reading).


I have counseled clients using astrology, tarot, oracle cards and runes since the early 1980s. I specialize in relationship issues, such as the reasons why two people are attracted, what keeps couples together, and what causes breakups. I also work with family/friend relationship issues. I use natal charts, composites, progressed charts, progressed composites, and multiple composites. My focus is on helping you find ways to make difficult relationships work, including changing your approach and reactions to painful problems. I help people work through the difficulties in their marriage/relationship. I work one-on-one or with both people in the relationship. I prefer to use Skype and my profile on Skype is collaborativewriter. The name comes from my business as a writing/creativity coach, where I also use astrology and tarot to help people discover their creative abilities as writers.

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