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Hello and welcome!

Please begin by watching my video, the link is next to my photo :)

As an energy intuitive and divination expert I can read the energy within & around you, any situations in your life, or any questions you ask, responding with insightful impressions & soulful guidance.

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First-Time Client Consultations

$300 investment (Save $350)

⭐️ 1hr initial consultation/intuitive reading session ⭐️ 15min session with Genie App ⭐️ 15min prep-time for your session ⭐️ 3 reports of your choice (see below)

$150 investment (Save $130)

⭐️ 30min initial consultation/intuitive reading session ⭐️ 5min session with Genie App ⭐️ 5min prep-time for your session ⭐️ 1 report of your choice (see below)

⭐️I offer a Money Back Guarantee with First-Time Client Consultations: If a resonant connection is not established within 5minutes, I will refund you in full⭐️

Please ‘Leave a Message’ and we can schedule your session!♠︎

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Let Divine Truth, Light, and Love expand within me and guide me. I request my Masters & Teachers, Angels and Guides be with me now, & for Truth and Accuracy to be obtained, in the Highest Good of All. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


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"Matt is a phenomenal professional who walks in integrity and authenticity. He carefully explores presented enquiries to connect with empowered perspectives from Universal wisdom, spiritual clarity, and compassionate understanding in alignment with one’s highest good. Matt is a distinct individual as well. The love he feels for the Divine, is the love he feels for life and all humanity. His sensitive, thoughtful, and courteous nature is a joy. It is without reservation I recommend Matthew Fry for your spiritual enquiries, knowing you will find a wonderful and gifted professional committed to uncompromising excellence throughout his work. My heartfelt gratitude to you Matt, for honoring Spirit and inspiring love in all you share and do." – Gil


If you are looking for more clarity and understanding

If you are looking to take your life to the next level

If you are looking to receive soul divination —while catalyzing amazing growth and transformation…

Then this experience is for YOU!

I work in partnership with the Universe to deliver empowering, intelligent and insightful messages inspired by a spiritual source. All my services offered here have the potential to act as catalysts for positive change leading you to greater fulfilment.

☼ ˚ ° ◦ $50 Speciality Reports ◦ ° ˚ ☼

—Please ‘Leave a Message’ with names & dates of birth and the title of the report you are requesting.

Yearly Report ღ My most popular report. Contains everything I can tell you about any given year of a person’s life. $50

Intimate Relationship Report __ღ The second best selling report giving an in-depth look at the relationship between two lovers. $50

Find Love Report __ღ Search up to five years at a time and display every influence that could mean the start of a new love affair or relationship. $50

Yearly Relationship Report __ღ Shows how any given person will show up in your life any given year and what their influence will mean to you. $50

Friends and Family Relationship Report __ღ A careful examination of two people in a non-intimate relationship. Great for any two friends or family members. $50

Life Report __ღ Gives an overview of the Lifetime Karma of any individual and an in-depth look at the next 20 years of their life. $50

Business Relationship Report __ღ An in-depth analysis of two people’s potential in a business relationship. A must have report if you are considering a partnership with another. $50

Find Money and Success Report __ღ Search up to five years at a time and display every influence that supports making more money and/or having more personal and business success. $50

☼ Buy All Reports $200 (save $200) ☼

$10 Special ♦︎ I’ll send a timely and relevant section from your Yearly Report OR Relationship Report


With all readings and reports it is my intention to help open doors of understanding and awareness.

May your awareness grow and along with it, your understanding of your life and your personal happiness too.

There’s no end to the happiness this wishes you!! ☺︎

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"An absolute GEM! You’ll be astounded by Matt’s accuracy, wisdom and compassionate reading. I was left on a high with more soul capital! Thank you." – Kathy

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"What a treasure! Spoke quickly from his heart and shared details that were spot on! A joy and a blessing for anyone seeking clarity and grace in their lives!" – Karin

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I Matthew Fry, see and draw to me, through Divine Love, those beings who seek enlightenment through my process, the sharing shall elevate us both.

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