Psychic Adviser Christina

Psychic Adviser Christina


☪Hi, My Name is Christina, I’m Here to Guide you and lead you to your every happiness.I can help you in all matters of life.Allow me to tell you the hidden secrets in your life,And give you the answers you need before it is to late.I am a fourth generation intuitive expert Psychic Adviser with an amazing talent to read into ones life with little to no information. As I read a person I pull in their spiritual energy that is connected to all 7 main chakras, therefore I can read your: "past, present, future, love life, career path, past lives, even speak to your guides" I will give you initials,Accurate time lines,And the truth,I do not sugar coat,Once your reading is over I will be sure to give you the information you will need to give your energy (chakras) a cleansing, renewal to replenish any energies that may feel drained,I’m open minded, and do not judge. If you are ready too have your future revealed to you and also have a healing session as well, then please contact me today :) You’ll be glad you did ☪

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Licensed And Certified Psychic Clairvoyant Third Generation Born Gifted Psychic.I Have been offering my gift in my shop.And now i am also online here to guide you and lead you to your right path,Just one reading with give you reassurance and the answers you been looking for,No Sugar Coating.I will not tell you what you want to hear,But i will tell you the the truth on how i see it.

I can and will help you with all matters of life,Do not hesitant to contact me,I can clear your confusion.And give you the answers you need to be on the right track to your every happiness.


Over 25 Years Of Experience.I am a 4th Generation Psychic,Born with the Psychic Abilities To Guide You,And Lead You To your every Happiness.Are You confused? Are you unsure if you are with the right person? Is he/she being faithful? Has Yoru Lover Pulled away? I never give False Hope,I will tell you what i see and how i see it.I can not only offer you a truthful honest reading

I also offer, ★Aura Cleansing, ★Chakra Balancing, ★Soul Cleansing, ★Spell Casting, ★Mediation Prayer, ★Reunite Lovers Expert, ★Astrology Chart,

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12 Aug 2016 satisfactory ranking tami87

Thank u.. hopefully next time i can get more details..

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25 Nov 2015 satisfactory ranking sabrina32

Good summary of what's been happening. Things I already know. Validated it.

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13 Jun 2015 satisfactory ranking sabrina32

writes in detail

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27 Feb 2015 satisfactory ranking lcs2008

Thanks i wish there was more time for a bit more info.

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01 Jan 2015 satisfactory ranking icks13

Christina was helpful and polite, answered all my questions clearly and exhaustively. The things she said are the same as other mediums have told me, so fingers crossed and let's hope **Update Jan 5** I'm sorry to move this rating from excellent to satisfactory but I can't do in a different way and I can't move on a worst rating 'cause to be honest, I never made the key question. You said that she wanted be with me, and you used also other strong phrases that now, understand me, are hurting me. Today she had to let me know if she would have decided to get back with the exboyfriend or not, she is get back with him. Moreover she has been so strong in her decisions that I neither know if she will keep a friendship with me, so I dunno if your prediction of me and her together in 2 months will happen

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