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Love. What is this strange power that takes over our entire state of being? And once there, how do we continue to be loved?

Most of us have experienced the pain of a relationship not working well. We’ve either turned away or encountered emotional anguish. When we choose to explore the relationship in depth, we then have an opportunity to heal not only the relationship but ourselves.

For you to think that you can beat the laws of the Universe simply because you “want” to be loved by an incompatible mate is somewhat foolish, it’s like rowing against the tide. Sure you might get to shore, but at what price?

Sometimes, though it is required for you to “grow” through a relationship which is challenging from the outset. Here, too, I can be of great assistance to you inasmuch as you will know in advance what you are getting yourself into.

Love adds the spark and feeds the fire within us.

Come join me and lets explore the deeper meaning of your relationship.


Over 25 years of experience in dream interpretations, astrology and love readings.

Please Note:

Simply asking, "What does the future hold?" isn’t likely to produce anything specific or useful. It’s best to define the purpose and scope of your reading. That way I can provide a more informative and in depth reading.

I encourage you to be skeptical. However, during the course of your reading, you will have ample opportunity to validate my intuitive capabilities. My goal is to empower and guide you, not waste your valuable time and money.

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