I am here for you & to hear your questions, concerns & support you while guiding you to see & understand how to be & achieve in your highest potential. Let’s together solve solutions & support greatest in best good for your clarity & set your intentions. As your spirit becomes my guide and I yours, you seek & find transformation as you understand your truth with true awareness & understanding. This is how I utilize my gifts to serve you, I am able to assist into what & who you want to be.

Together lets solve what is necessary & see what you would like to become as I reflect back to you the truth in your heart. My purpose is to bring you to your own truth as your inner guidance & Creator help bring revelations from your source & attain what you desire.

If you feel moments you are unclear or you need a guide into your mysteries, please allow your heart to feel the inspiration & comfort of a consultation.

Believe in your hearts true calling as Eye see to guide you within transformation.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Numerous workshops/training as a guide super-adviser. I have focused mostly on culture history impact within personal attainment, creative problem solving, heritage, creative life management and personal empowerment, career building, imaginative problem solving, business entrepreneurship, relationship discovery and understanding, communication harmony, religion and traditions of my ancestors. Including Transylvanian, Oriental, Native American, Tibetan, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Irish and many more.

I have conducted ceremonies and blessings through out the world. I offer vibration and sounds for harmonic centering and intuitive balancing. I have certification in Archetypal Energy healing and I am an ordained Creative Artist with ministry training. I have participated in many Native American workshops and study in Quantum Physics. I am Mohawk/Mohican and offer wisdom of Native American beliefs to further my empowerment services. I have been a personal empower adviser and Intuitive Guide for 13 years.


I have given lessons for self acknowledgment and personal empowerment and advising at a college in Pa. I have taught classes and seminars. I have worked for four different Community Centers. I have also been a volunteer for services in churches. I have traveled to Egypt and Turkey as well as Europe and South America. I have participated in numerous Native American Ceremonies while working with the White Buffalo. I am Ordained with Universal Ministries and spirit artistic, self empowerment services.

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08 Dec 2015 excellent ranking ranj1000

A lovely soul, not just gives you a typical psychic reading with predictions, but also empowers you with ideas and makes you see your life in other perspectives, a blessing here on bitewine, thank you so much :)

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07 Dec 2015 satisfactory ranking sarajka

Waste of money

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01 Dec 2015 excellent ranking ranj1000

This lady is a GEM , I really don't know if my review here can ever describe the authenticity of her service, am so glad to have had a reading with you.

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11 Feb 2014 excellent ranking Wish (unregistered)

Insightful new info v v good thankyou

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06 Feb 2014 unsatisfactory ranking al (unregistered)

what a waste of money. i didnt get any "mind blowing" info. i left the chat poorer, and not knowing one thing i didnt know when i entered the chat. she was general and vague. and said things that are common sense. she couldnt tell me one thing i didnt already know and went around in circles contradicting herself. awful. i feel ripped off.

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