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*note on pricing- My per minute rate changes, please contact me if what is current is out of your price range and I will let you know when I plan on having discounts.

SPECIAL TODAY: $30 for 20 minutes (plus clarifications via email system)

In-depth readings with no limits on questions during readings. Anything else my guides wish me to share with you I will give free of charge.

A little bit about me

My psychic abilities have been with me since I was a child. With over 20 years of hired reading experience.

I place my spiritual connectivity with my indigenous heritage, and my faith in God.

I have always felt that spirituality, and connections to the spirit world is something that should be respected and cherished. This is exceptionally important to me.

Love and light to all.

NOTE -My goal is to help where I can so I am open to discussing refunds if you feel you are entitled to such.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I run a part time office where I provide face to face readings and energy work, however I am a social worker full-time.

For the last ten years I have provided spiritual workshops throughout my community, including but not limited to; transcendental meditation, color therapy, chakra work, floral and herbal energy work.

My spiritual connectivity is underpinned by my ancestral heritage. I am from a strong spiritual blood line of indigenous people.

I do offer medium services where able, if you are interested in this it is best to contact me via message. *Please note the ability to connect with those who have passed varies, I offer a free initial consultation to see if there is compatibility.

See below for a run down of my experience and qualifications- refer to facebook for details on my in person readings.


I have had clear psychic ability since childhood, I have refined my abilities during adulthood, with an excellent track record of reliable predictions!

20 years experience.

I also have experience teaching transcendental meditation, and have a high level or respect for concepts of spiritual placement.

It is my intention to share my ability in my free time for non financial purposes. I believe in the power of love and light. Compassion and empathy are the foundation of my spiritual output.

Mindfulness Meditation instructor trained under (FWBO)

10 years providing spiritual workshops in the service industry, including meditation, yoga, and spiritual self development

Quantum channeling (related to mediumship)

Spiritual life coach/advisory.

*Medium services (in person only)

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28 Nov 2016 excellent ranking marinochka

Excellent as always !!

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28 Nov 2016 satisfactory ranking tyannbeck

Just frustrated because the thing I actually wanted info on I couldn't get. She tried just didn't get any real solid info everything just seems so up in the air. Not the type of reading for me Thanks though.

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28 Nov 2016 excellent ranking newgirlmya

she is AMAZING!!!

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25 Nov 2016 excellent ranking heartslove

This lady is genuine! I spoke with her in Feb. From her telling me a time frame to me being approved for something (my car)to me being close to someone and helping them was very accurate. This update talked of things I actually spoke of with the person in question and she pin pointed his habits and behaviors to the tee! I promise she is by far the best on here. She's not on here often but if you can catch her online, you won't regret it! Very nice as well.

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25 Nov 2016 excellent ranking tarosss67

I have never met such an authentic reader with such honest real messages. I am honoured to get a reading with this lady. Thank you. NOTE: I re-read an older chat in July - I realised what she predicted in November HAPPENED. Claudia gives me reason to believe that spirituality is real. Thank you for being my guide

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