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Jenelle or Jae pronounced "Jay" uses a blend of psychic gifts of clear seeing, clear feeling, clear knowing, clear hearing, telepathy, medical empathy,and more to get to the heart of your queries. Readings with her is always different because of the information coming through about client may come through means of a different sense. She is quite calm and deliberate in the satisfaction of her readings and always love getting right to the issues. She is also an energy healer that performs a galactic modality called lightwave that allows her to infuse any energy necessary for the upgrade of an individual’s soul’s blueprint so they can keep up with the flow of information coming to the Earth and rapidly transforming her into a higher evolved planet.Expect great information all pertaining to YOU and your soul’s journey.She offers great insights about the forces exchanged between persons in a relationship for one of specialty is reading the motives behind the actions even if they look crispy clean and more

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Ordained Priestess in the Order of Melchizedek and Lightwave III practitioner.


I have been a psychic intuitive sense I was a child and used to have visions and knowings without realizing this was a gift. I cut this part off because I was too sensitive living in the harsh environment I grew up in. I begin to awaken to my gifts as I took a spiritual route in my life that led me to become an energy healer that received an activation to a very high dimension planetary system to help others who wanted to reach higher spiritual peaks than they could without the infusions of my energy healing modality called Lightwave. With this energy attuned into me allowed me to catapult into my intuitive faculties and sense many ways at one time. This may be overwhelming for others, however, I have learned to balance and protect myself with sacred energies. I received my ordination into the Order of Melchizedek in 2010 and was swiftly put on a track of my highest path. I’ve been fully operating as a business in January 2013 and had many clients in trade shows,shop,healing centers, and classes. I have been also hired by psychic source after giving a superb 20 minute reading to a test client. My gifts are extensive and I am still watching them unfold, for they are given to me to wield for the sake of service and helping others. My only question now is, "How can I be of service to you?"

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