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Accurate + Honest Psychic Seer. ❤️ Empress--L❤VE, Job, Money


☆THANK YOU FOR DONATING & LETTING ME READ FOR YOU! :) Sorry if chat drops, please call back asap!


LIMITED SPECIALS! ☆5-10Mins+: $50 ☆15Mins+: $75 ☆5 Predictions+: $140 ($20 per additional prediction)

❤️DETAILED, ACCURATE, TIMING, EMPATH, SEER (tell me if you want a specific time frame) ☆Provide names/genders @ first w/ no further details for readings. I make sure we initially connect before making future love based predictions on a couple (2 people).For more than 1 couple (multiple names) choose 30Mins+

❤️Pregnancy readings ❤Fast typist ❤Claircognizant ❤Clairaudient ❤Clairvoyant ☆Precognitive ❤️ Romance/Love: Are they faithful? ❤Destiny ❤Empath ❤Seer ❤Retrocog

Readings for me are similar to SHARING SECRETS WITH A TRUSTED FRIEND. PLEASE keep this in mind. THANK YOU + God bless you all. *☆I don’t use the FREE WILL excuse. I don’t believe in that when it comes to psychic readings. It either will happen, or it won’t. *❤️ ♍♍

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Member of American Tarot Association (ATA)


21 Divisiones Dominicana – Dominican Santeria. Strong belief & faith in God, the Virgin Mary, Jesus + Saints. I recently discovered my Metresa which is Maitresse Freda & I’m from the Agua Dulce Division (La Division India)

REMEMBER = Nobody is perfect, sometimes there is NO WAY that we as Psychics can be 100% correct ALL THE TIME. Keep this in mind. Readings in general take a lot of energy + dedication. I like to provide many details + many times I like to confirm past/present events to make sure that we are on the correct path towards future predictions panning out. I mainly use Tarot as my #1 go-to for readings.

**NO FREE READINGS/ No health questions/ Don’t waste my time -THIS ISN’T A GAME. DON’T PLAY WITH ME NOR MY SAINTS.


I have been assisting many people online with their concerns and issues for years including my own personal website. Been using Tarot & other divination tools for more than 10. Earliest memory is 9 months. My grandmother had precognitive dreams. Earliest prophetic experience was around the age of 3. My mother (St. Anne) had a dream of me while pregnant – St Raphael handed me to her – therefore I’ve been with my saints since I was born. A fam. member who was born 6hrs apart from me used to see the dead as a child. She’s a child of St. Anne/Anaisa Pye, but doesn’t like to work w. her gift. ("La Rubia"/misterios Dominicanos)

Gifted, well protected, and I know why they will follow me & will always be with me :).

Please don’t argue/debate with me, especially about my empathy (diff. branches/levels of it).

Jesus has been my best friend since childhood. Jesus shares his wisdom with me..especially via dreams :). I wake up with him since around 2013 or so during April/Semana Santa (Holy Week).

God first spoke to me specifically after my grandmother passed away around 2003/04. Thank you J+J :)

Angel Card Reader, variety

I am worth it! Guaranteed..will always make it up to you in very good manners/ways, but please do not rush me, or ask me too many questions – especially when I pick up your chat request/call. Thank you for understanding.

When I am typing it depends which spirit is with me, so please take that into consideration – especially on mediumship readings.

☆Telepathy, Automatic writing, psychic, prophecies, professional medium, trance, clairaudience, twin flames, love, romance, astrology, clairvoyance, claircognizant, precognitive, retrocognition, clairolfaction, soul mates, cleric, shaman, spiritual coach, destiny, destined to happen readings – I WAS BORN THIS WAY – no other way to say it. ALWAYS HONEST! I AM Goddess of God since the age of around 17.

Very honest & straightforward! Please, do not leave negative feedback because you do not like the answer/prediction(s) given.

First Jehovah’s Witness Prophetess (ProphetEmpress) As of this year [04/17] God speaks to and through me. He calls me sierva

Going to heaven with my immediate tight-knit family :) (Travel through heavenly dreams)

First of all thank you – God, Jesus Christ + The Virgin Mary

StRaphael StLazarus StExpeditus StMiguel/Michael MaitresseFreda StGabriel StAnne StElena(Empress) SaintClaire

SaintSantiago LaSirena (YEMAYA) BabaYaga Virgen de la Altagracia (Our lady of Highest Grace) NinoDivino Yansa/Kali❤+ are some of the saints/spirits I work with to bring you as much clarity as I can =)

☆WARNING If you’re used to sugary/sweet readings that seem positive and just filled with lots of good hopes, then my readings are NOT for you. I believe in equality and deliver both bad & good that I see. There is evil as well as good in real life at all times. Not everything will be positive, so if you’re not ready to hear it all, please do not call me.. Thanks. ♍♋♒♎♑♓

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04 May 2017 excellent ranking karenat07

Very different in a good way reading.. Connected to me with very little information given.. Very detailed reading/ predictions..

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29 Apr 2017 satisfactory ranking ebik

Had an email reading requesting specific timeframe of contact. She only provided date and no other information.First date predicted did not come to pass . I emailed her then she told me another date came up. Date passed & again no contact. When i emailed her she asked me to stop contacting her. Very disappointed as she was not accurate.

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22 Apr 2017 excellent ranking mia_79

It was wonderful chatting with you ! So much information and and details ....thank you again :)

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22 Apr 2017 excellent ranking aaminivea

You said contact would be around 26th -28th..he contacted me on 22nd :)..3-4 days earlier but it happened :) Update:After 22nd contact happened on 26th as predicted!

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13 Apr 2017 unsatisfactory ranking sygooden2

Only 1 prediction give then left chat....emailed 2nd prediction and told me to call back. No refunds thats fine. But I was Very unsatisfied. If you are looking for immediate future predictions don't come here. Predictions were for 8, 16, and 30 months out and lack detail. KEEP YOUR MONEY, MINE WAS WASTED!.....Azul you are lying! You did NOT tell me anything I did not know. Even thanked me for confirming....reading cut iff after 10 mins and you ending emailing me told me to call back...this is worst ever Getting that one, or both of you is seriously involved with someone else.. 12:43AM sygooden2 He is involved 12:44AM sygooden2 Married 12:44AM ☪ReadingsbyAzul☪ Ok, please let me know how this sounds while I make the first prediction between you two 12:44AM ☪ReadingsbyAzul☪ Ok, thanks for confirming that, one moment please

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