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Spiritual Coach, Intuitive Life Coach, Law of Attraction Coach


Divine Guidance on -Love -Career -Money -Relationships -Spirituality -Joy and Happiness -Self-Esteem/Confidence -Meditation -Chakra Balancing -Crystal Energy Balancing

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Certified Spiritual Life Coach, Certified Life Coach, Positive Psychology, Heal Your Life Training, EFT Training, Quantum Success Law of Attraction Coach, Law of Attraction Practitioner Training, Meditation Coach, Creative Visualization Coach.


Relationships -Let’s face it, some of our greatest joys and our greatest heartbreaks stem from our relationships. Relationships with ourselves, our family, our friends, our mates, our pets. The list is infinite. Our relationships are vast that sometimes we have difficulty managing them all. My goal is to teach you how to navigate them and recognize what’s most important to you or what you can let go of. Staying interconnected with our relationships is vital to living a joyful life. Let me help you plug back in.

Abundance -Living paycheck to paycheck? I’ve been there. Handing the clerk my roll of quarters to buy groceries or put gas in my car. It didn’t feel good but I was grateful to have the change in a jar anyway for those situations. I vowed to never be in that position again. I’m happy to say I never have been, thankfully. See, I learned that abundance isn’t just about money. It’s about attitude. It’s about feeling. It’s about expecting the best. Let me help you live a truly abundant life and know real prosperity.

Your Life’s Purpose -When I was 7, I asked my teacher what was my life’s purpose. Just imagine the look on her face when she struggled to give me an answer! Growing up, I often thought about it and feared I may never know the answer. Over the years, i realized everyone has a purpose and everyone has a path that will lead them to their calling. It can be exciting, scary, and confusing when you take this journey. I can help you peel back the layers to reveal your true purpose in life. Call for an appointment today!

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04 Sep 2015 excellent ranking Ty (unregistered)

Very caring amazing

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19 Aug 2015 excellent ranking pandovski

I found the reading with her to be helpful. She took some time to provide me with advice aside from predictions. It was a very insightful chat and I appreciated it. Thank you!

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