Love Visions by Lana. ❤

Lana Love Angel here to unveil your future, unlock your destiny and decode your past, restore hope and reignite love where it's needed. No sugar coating. Straight up insight. Fast typist. Extremely intuitive.❤


♥My name is Lana. You were lead to me today by fate!♥

♥Please allow me to mend your broken soul and put your heart at ease. Natural born psychic specializing in all matters of the heart such as romance rekindling, repairing broken marriages, help guiding you towards your soulmate/twinflame with timeframes - if you haven’t already met that is! Along with giving you the real & honest truth as to what your partners intentions are towards you. I’m not going to sugarcoat ANYTHING or feed you lies just for the sake of a review! I work with the highest source. I was put on this planet to help others like yourself that are in a weak state of mind and need some clarification ♥

♥Although love, sex & relationships are my specialities being that my guides are all love goddesses & angels- I still can help in all matters of life such as career forecasting, fortune telling, addictions, mediumship, spellcasting, reiki, chakra cleansing, helping you get in touch with your spritual side + much more! ♥

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♥ Love readings I will do you a love spread to uncover what the cards have in store for you.

♥ Past, present & future I can give you insight as to what’s really going on right now in your current life, how it’s going to unfold along with going into the past to correct what’s colliding with your present and keeping it out of your future.

♥ Energy readings I can read off of others vibes or even your very own. This comes in handy and if needed followed by cleansing work.

♥ Reiki/Mediation Stress, anxiety and past relationships all leave a mark on our auras. Meditation is an ancient method that’s proven to help ease the body, mind & soul as well as giving you a fresh start by removing any negative energies that seem to be against you.

♥ Oracle readings Your angels want to tell you what you need to hear. They will protect and give you messages as to what’s in store.

♥ Spellcasting Need a natural spell to bring someone back? Remove someone from your life or to break a hex? I can do that.



I am a natural born psychic. I did not learn it from a school or books. It has been passed down generation to generation. In my family it often skips a decade, being that it doesn’t come by too often I’m very grateful for inheriting my proficiency. I am a perfectionist so when reading with me I promise that you’ll get the uttermost out of it. I’m a young soul that is only 27 years of age but have been aware of my gift for as long as I can remember. Therefore I have plenty of years of experience and have traveled all across the globe! I spent 3 summers in Greece as a young girl with relatives to get a better understanding of my gifts. Not only am I a psychic but also clairvoyant and have pretty much mastered the art of almost every divination tool there is, however I don’t rely on any tools when reading and only bring them out if needed. I can read for you on the spot with no form of extra help- but at times they do often come in handy. While in Greece I took up reiki and chakra cleansing along with spell casting. I am apart of a coven as well, from time to time when I am not working at the family psychic shop I end up finding myself practice and conjuring up all natural spells of the earth with my sisters of light. I love what I do and if you give me the chance I know I can help you. Please feel free to ask about the list of services I offer and as well as the many different ways we can conduct our sessions.


And with that said, blessed be to all. Always with love- Lana.


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22 Jul 2014 excellent ranking mindi

A loving share that I had with Lana tonight... I appreciate the insight she gave me, the advice, the clarity, support and most of all - The compassion:) I will definitely come to her again. Thank you xo

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22 Jul 2014 excellent ranking destiny69

i pray that what you see will come to light....

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20 Jul 2014 excellent ranking joydivine

She was excellent

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19 Jul 2014 excellent ranking Rail (unregistered)

Lana is amazing. Channeled right in. Didn't ask ant questions on my end whatsoever. She read me like a book since day one . Normally I don't leave reviews but her predictions are starting to come to pass! Will be back with updates. Thanks again!!

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18 Jul 2014 excellent ranking jeter28

She is amazing! She is very kind and compassionate...She does not sugar coat and tells you the truth. I also hope you have a wonderful time this evening with your husband...Many blessings to you both...

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