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i am a sage psychic tought & guided by my great grand mother as well as many moore enteties that guide her before her.i hav been learning & developing my abilities for 30 years & plan on continueing that learning & developeing as i go on in my great grand mothers foot steps. I am a gifted 4th generationsage psychic & tarot reader,with the intuition & guildence of those be fore me,I can help guild you on a yearly,monthly,weekly,or even daily basis.i can help & guide you through the toughest of obsticles that life can bring. I have been a sage psychic & tarrot reader for 30 yrs,i have been able to help many people all over the globe for all 30 of those years.i have seen many diferent types of problems as well as many types of obstacles that have destracted many diferent types of people.

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studied under a master for 10 yrs. before bit wine.


with 10 yrs. prior study along with the over 35 yrs.in the profession as an advisor both in person as well as Kasamba, I continue my study & development ongoing.

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26 Aug 2017 unsatisfactory ranking keekee13

It was going well till she tried to sell me on a meditation cause she says the man I'm supposed to be with will end up with another girl if I don't do it. This other girl will end up with her husband and him if I don't help him to his destiny sounds crazy. If he supposed to be with me he will find his way back don't need know meditation. And in the beginning she said he wasn't even supposed to be the guy I'm supposed to be with then she changed up and said he is and I can help out his destiny. Weird and I never leave a bad review but I'm totally confused here

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06 Feb 2016 unsatisfactory ranking ojoj77

Was left so confused. I had a reading before and I felt like reader was so right. Now this time I'm being told that ex is distracted and he needs spiritual work to return faster. But if I don't do it that his distraction won't go away till he realizes he had spiritual work done to him and he gets it taken care of. So I'm looking at never happening. But he says no? So confused

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20 Sep 2015 unsatisfactory ranking sassycat30


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23 Aug 2013 unsatisfactory ranking fire7

Not happy with reading. Seemed like she was just making things up. And when I asked for assurity, she go angry, said I was "testing" her and ended the chat abrubtly. I need to be in bed, and this was the last 10.00 (that I worked very hard for) in my account. I feel like this was a waste of time and money. ...I'll remove this rating once refund is processed.

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