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I have been given the gift of being a psychic, advisor and clairvoyant. This gift runs very strong in my family making me a 5th generation psychic, this gives me the ability to help you in all areas of your life. I have been helping other for many years to work through the challenges through life, love life, and career. I have helped others to mend broken marriages, reunite lovers, and find their soul mates. I am able to answer all questions honestly and accurately and will only give you straight forward answers so please be prepared for the truth and only the truth. Please note that I am non-judgmental and you may ask me anything without having to feel embarrassed or uncomfortable. My readings do not rely on any specific device or method, but consists of me transmitting to the clients energy allowing my visions and guides to see clearly into their future. My readings will provide you with the truthful and accurate answers you desire.

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I am very well-respected psychic with a business n the same area for 22 years. I have been assisting clients with my abilities across the tri-state area and have gained a very large clientele. I have been instrumental in the mending of broke marriages, relationships, and in guidance to the right career choices. I have also attended many psychic fairs across the country to enhance my psychic abilities.


5th generation psychic and advisor, Also own my own psychic business for over 20 years.

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13 Jun 2013 unsatisfactory ranking fire7

"Brooke" seemed to be connected until I she started trying to sell me her work of removing "negative energy", suggesting that nothing would go right for me until I bought this work (which I have already bought from several other advisors here). I also realized that what she told me was different from what any other trusted advisor I had spoken to told me about the same situation... I later asked for a refund, she said that she tried to refund me, but after days of waiting, I called Paypal and they couldn't find any attempt that was made on this advisor's part, so they gave me a courtesy credit themselves. Something just wasn't right about this reading, and in all honesty I can't help but think she was bold-faced LYING about everything. Wish I had better news to report here.

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09 Jun 2013 excellent ranking lp (unregistered)

Great reading! Thank you:)

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