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With me you will learn more about the angels, archangels, the law of attraction, and anything related to it you may want to know.

I will do an angel card reading to you, give you guidance related to the law of attraction and angel help, and put your mind in the right direction to your sucess.

No matter if it’s love, health, money, or anything else you can have it with angelic help and with your own inner-power to create your reality, and I am here to remember you about this power.

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Angel Card Reading Certification Course

Advanced Angel Therapy


I have done some very accurate readings for my ownself, friends, other people, and so on.

The angels really show us what’s happening in our lifes and give us clear guidance into the next steps to do.

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28 Sep 2013 unsatisfactory ranking fire7

UPDATE 11/3/13: Alan seemed rather detached from the start, & wouldn't even assure connection before charging, but I chose to chat with him anyway, based on his reviews. Trying to get a straight answer out of him was kind of like pulling teeth, but he did eventually give me 2 exact predictions. Well, I'm sorry to report that the first 1 DID NOT COME TO PASS, or anywhere close! And I doubt the 2nd prediction will happen, as all the circumstances & facts of the matter point the complete OPPOSITE way. I can't say I'm surprised, as most psychics who say "I'm just telling you what I'm getting," are usually coping out of accountability--knowing their predictions probably won't happen. An authentic intuitive is engaged. ...sorry I have to post a bad review (again), but whatever you deserve is what you get. It's sad but I keep hoping I'll find a real psychic on here; this guy is not one of them :(. This was a waste of my time and money! Not cool.

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