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I’m David James, and for over twenty five years I have been helping people all over the world using my psychic ability. I have done, at least over that time, around 35,000 readings, and have been able to help a great many people over the years. I view this ability as a tremendous privialge to be able to help and that has been my mission in life for many years now. I can help you to get past the problems you are facing in the present and get both clarity and understanding.

I have read for the rich and the famous, now let me help you.

I can help you to navigate the twists and turns of your life and find your true path to happiness, both in terms of your love life and all other aspects of your life.

I won’t lie to you or build up a fantasy and you will get the truth no matter what. If you want someone to lie to you, I’m not the advisor for you.

Discounted retainer packages available!! Please contact for details!

Please note, I DO NOT do free readings on this or any other site.

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I have been a psychic adviser online for a number of years and my reviews speak for themselves. I’m an expert psychic advisor, using my psychic ability to help my clients find the right path in their lives.

I won’t judge your situation or you, and you will get unbiased advice, delivered in a compassionate way.

Contact me now. You aren’t alone anymore. Don’t suffer in silence, talk to me today. I have the insight that will help you with your problems.


Twenty five years of experience doing psychic readings and helping many people find their paths.

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Languages: English

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Local Time: (GMT-05:00) September 20, 2018, 06:04PM

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$4.99 per minute (after your approval)

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15 Sep 2017 unsatisfactory ranking querubin

Insensible, rude and judgmental doesn't mean that he is being blunt or accurate. He couldn't even picked up well of my situation. This is my first red thumb and I am very proud of myself to give that to him. Don't waste your time and money with this person who guessed that the person I was asking about was my crush. God bless you eitherway.

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02 Jul 2017 excellent ranking mira1973

He is very blunt person

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20 Jun 2017 excellent ranking waterloosunset

He's very blunt an forward. He's honest and simple. I appreciate this.

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19 Jun 2017 excellent ranking taurus123

David is always to the point. I have been coming to him on and off for about 5 years and he has always been right. The first reading I ever had with him, he was brutally honest and not it was not what I wanted to hear but he gave it to me straight, and has every time since. Which I why I continue to come back.I appreciate that, thank you!

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17 Jun 2017 unsatisfactory ranking houseofedwards

Sorry what can I say and before we get into the ever so popular psychic excuse of "client refuses to hear truth and would rather me blow smoke up his a**" not only were the questions not specifically answered but they were loosely muttered in a rude way. I've dealt with honest brutal people in my life and I've also met some nice people but this reminded me of that upscale very snotty attitude that made you feel like the fact that you even came to him was an inconvenience to him. Unbelievably disturbing. I wanna refund.

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