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Tarot, chinese astrology, pendulum, crystals and scrying, LOVE, family, job finances.

Hello, my name is Mario. You can expect total honesty from me. And a vast knowledge of Tarot, Astrology and crystals. I also use the pendulum. I think improvement, change shoud not be painful, shouldn’t be only success but also about achievements, and from that point of view I will help you enjoy your improvements in your life. My will is to help everybody who comes to me, for this is my job. Thank you very much. The type of readings I offer:
  • You ask your question or inquiry. Can be TAROT (3 or 4 cards), *Chinese Astrology, *crystal pendulum, or *dragon crystal reading (the quartz point answers about bright aspects, the amethyst sphere answers about feelings and the crysocola egg answers about dark aspects. * Scrying (direct divination)
  • these 5 things can be combined *
  • TAROT can be 3 card for general OR 4 card for past and consequences.
  • for Chinese Astrology you need birthdate and birthtime of everyone involved. is good for a more broad advice and can surprise you. .
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Next year, starting january 28, starts the next year, fire rooster, one general advice: don’t let things go by, start your year with you left foot. It´s a great year to establish a relationship. Most readings i did this year the focus was wrong, looking to fix wrong relationships trying to go along cheating, etc. This year is good to choose a partner and establish the first connections, instead of settling down with someone. Instead fire monkey year is good to organize work or occupation and fix family issues. So, if you think you´re not finding the right path in life, come to me, and i´ll help you pave things for starting a real and healthy relationship next year. Thanks. I gained conciousness, at age 27, that what was happening (or what Is happening) had always been/is extraordinary… I was put in contact with a beautiful Chaman who introduced me to the expanded world of minerals, crystals and gems.

Please leave a positive review, I appreciate it.

LOTS: I’ve been uninterruptedly learning and practicing aspects of different traditions existing in our world, not by becoming a master or a formal expert, but by organically moving towards the esence and meaning of the different aspects of reality and existing in such a space, being the strongest ones: stone and crystal energy, chinese astrology, and chinese divination; Egyptian, Celtic and Japanese ancient traditions.
  • I will tell you little things for you to revamp and improve your lifestyle or situations, and discover hidden aspects of yourself and what surrounds you, and, why not, also discover new things, good things always makes a better happiness.

Please leave a positive review, I appreciate it.

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Languages: english, castellano

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06 Sep 2015 excellent ranking prinita33

Very patient and detailed session with lots of solutions n suggestions to improve your life situation. I liked my reading

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30 Aug 2015 unsatisfactory ranking pandovski

I just felt this reading was all over the place as he did a tarot reading. He mentioned some things that made me go, "huh?" often and it's not because of typos or anything, it's because he was just saying things that I couldn't make sense of in relations to what I was talking about. Then, he showed me the 3rd card saying I spend too much time with friends and that I need to break away from some of them. Wth? Um. No. I don't. And that's just so random & false. Also, he mentioned that I needed to eat more which is baffling to me because I actually have to watch what I eat, because I am not a thin person at all so that statement took me aback. He kept insisting that I do, like WTF? LOL. Jesus! I don't even know what to think of this reading. It's supposed to help me get clarity, not confuse me. The reading was $10 for 40 mins but damn, I didn't any real clarity. I felt even within 40 minutes, he was rushing me, like to get rid of me. Overall, I wasn't impressed. :-\

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29 Aug 2015 excellent ranking ash1027

Good reading. Very nice guy and gave good advice. Thank you

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29 Aug 2015 excellent ranking lotus71

Excellent reader; spot on. Definitely recommended.

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29 Aug 2015 excellent ranking bambam1966

Very good advice. Good person. Will update when it happens

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