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The females in my family have been gifted with psychic gifts for more than 5 generations. I have been working with tarot cards for over 10 years. I help guide people in many areas of life such as career, relationship, and just about any question they might have through the use of tarot and my spirit guides. Lets chat and see what we can do to help you get some answers!

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I was born with my gift. I first started seeing my spirit guide when was 7 and it has led me down the path of psychic healing as well as starting to use tarot cards when I was 13 years old and have continues to offer contact healing, home cleansing of negative energies or spirits, and readings for almost 15 years now.


I started using tarot in my life when I had a relative read my palm. She informed me that I had a gift of "Healing Hands". She told me that I should be developing my psychic gifts and that’s when it all started for me. When I was young I didn’t understand why I say spirits and events that happened to them.

Now through years of practice and studying, I have developed my ability on cleansing people or places of negativity as well as contact healing of pains they experience. I have been working on learning Reiki as well.

My main focus has always been using tarot for all areas of life that I question as well as helping others with their questions or concerns as well.

Any reading that is received is to be used as a guidance or to clarify a situation. If there is ever something that comes up in a reading that you do not want to have as a future outcome, it gives you the knowledge you need to change the outcome.

If you would like to have a reading with me, just message me or chat with me at anytime.

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