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~ (MoonDust) Wish for reconciliation? Do you need control of your life and destiny? I can help your dreams come true regarding your life and love situations. <3 ~



Welcome! I see you have visited my profile as you are looking for for guidance. You will not regret this opportunity, my gift can open your soul for clarity. I would NEVER charge you before connection is safe established!

I want you as a client to be save with me and feel you can trust yourself to open up your energies. My name is Sasha, and even though English is far from my first language, I am capable of speaking it in an understandable manner, this will not be a barrier.

What I can provide you is a TRUE understanding of your situation I would NEVER lie to you, and I tell you things as I see them and how you can change them to good or bad. I will be as helpful as I possible can and I’m very generous with my time, I dont do this just for money. I would never leave you unsatisfied, so if what you’re looking for is a fairytale or "yes/no" answers I am NOT the right one for you. I will give you the guidance you need to get back on track. ~ Hugs from Sasha

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Even though there exists no such thing as a direct "curse", there’s white magick, in other words – positive magick that can attract your deepest desires before they were intended to happen. This sort of magic is NEVER required, but can be very helpful for you. I personally practise a certain spell "Heart on Heart spell", that will attract a certain someone to you, and make you feel irresistible. Come chat for more information.

I will provide you an indepth reading of your love, life and inner longings, how to proceed to get the best results and an almost 100% accurate prediction based on your actions. You won’t leave with any questions unanswered.

I hope to see you soon, as my gift is worth the share ~ Sasha


I have read for people all my life, and always been known for the great advice that I give. What I say will lead you in the right direction, in the direction YOU want to go, but you have to be open enough for me to guide you. If you deliberately choose to block your energies from being channeled, it is very hard for me as a reader to guide you. I recommend you contact me with an OPEN mind, as I only wish the best for you. ~

Reviews by Bitwine clients

Wow, I don’t even know what to say… Told my past so well, and knew stuff about me that was almost freaky… It was like she was saying what I wanted to say before I said it! At a point my mouth was all open because she KNEW so much about me! Have you been watching me? Haha! This is definetely the real deal.. Wow, I am astounded… Can’t wait for prediction to come to pass, even though the outcome wasn’t what I hoped for, it was like you said exactly what i thought would happen, so I’m sure it will come to pass!!!!!! Will be back in july!!!!!! I hope your rates won’t be too high by then, because you definetely deserve more than I paid! thank you, thank you, thanks! – 30-03/13, Marona

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