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Is He Faithful? Week Ahead!, What are his intention? Does he love me? Will he call back? Is the Ex still having a hold on him? This and many more…

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My reading style always leaves room for you to integrate and approach the situation (with your own free will). In an extreme case when the client asks for a decision to be suggested, I would provide that as well based on my reading and discussion. I strive for clear and upfront reading. I don’t make any ridiculous claims on my ability; my reading method is very approachable and you would be able to verify my guidance as time passes.

Disclaimer: For legal reasons I have to state that this service is for entertainment purposes only.

Payments & Refunds: No Charge-backs & No Refunds (Please Note you are paying for my time during consultation/session)


Come for insight on huge range of issues including:

● Is He Faithful

● If he is with me why does he yet have his dating profile?

● When will I be in a Long Term Relationship?

● Is he going to Propose to me?

● Character Analysis! (Is he hiding anything)

● Will he/she come back?

● Long Distance Relationship

● First Time Meet-ups

● After the First-Date

● When will the ex finally leave him alone?

● Will I get a promotion this year?

● What do my colleagues think of me?

● Does my boss really hate me?

● Should I search for a new job?

● Will I loose my job this year?

● I applied in 2 places whats the most likely outcome?

● Will I ever get in to a long term relationship?

These are some of the most asked questions that I am able to guide you on, if you feel you don’t have a question ready, please join me in chat, I am going to help you with a general overview.

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22 Jul 2018 unsatisfactory ranking alma12

He was very off. Not accurate at all and ate my money. Nothing was accurate about my relationship lol ... NOTHING. Waste of money.

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30 Jun 2016 unsatisfactory ranking heartsblood_

Very vague.

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24 Jun 2016 unsatisfactory ranking lightofmine

I Couldn't feel a connection. I felt we did not connect well, but really nice and genorous with time.

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02 Feb 2016 unsatisfactory ranking lorena30

i dont really like giving bad reviews but had to cut it off as i dont feel connected at all.. i was giving her a chance but it didnt pick up.. i feel more confused lol. sorry but just didnt work for me. too many questions asked

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