PSYCHIC NOEL .16 years of experience. i will bring clarity into your mind and sprit .


My name is noel . I have been guiding people with my unique psychic abilities since i was 10 years old .I work with tarot cards and my psychic vibrations .I am able to channel into your sprit and aura and look into your past ,present and future . I can answer all question. love life,family, health. carrier EXT. I will give you a truthful answer and clear your mind ,body and sprit .I am non-judgmental in all my readings. You can feel free to dissccuss anything with me.

remember with the knowledge you gain the more control you have in your life . know what he/she is thinking . lift the negative energy away from your life and family . let your angels guide you to joy and peace and harmony.
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16 years of being a psychic . i have my own psychic business.


I am a 3rd genation professional psychic.I have professional experience in telling you your past present and future , relationships,love life, marriage and success.I specialize in psychic readings to tell you your upcoming events. I can help and guide you to success and over come obstacles. After our reading, I will provide you with tools that will help you speed things up. This will be about you taking back control over your own life, allowing for the Universe to do the rest.

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