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***99c SPECIAL!!!*** Psychic Reader & Spiritual Healing Services, Professional White Magick SpellCaster & Info on any Problem or Issue You Are Facing In Your Life, Spirit Medium, Soul Rescue & Spirit Release Specialist, Love Tarot & Relationship Healing

  • How I work…I look for blocks in your life and look for remedies for them, this usually means some work on your part.

With over 15 years experience helping people I can guide you with any issue or challenge you are facing.

I am a Psychic Reader and Medium who can not just guide you with psychic readings but I can clear energetic blocks in your soul records and have over 500 spells and rituals that can transform any issue.

Many Years ago Village Wisewomen/men helped the community heal their wounded lives. When a disaster strikes and life becomes a struggle they were there to consult and help.

I offer you the opportunity to help heal any issue or problem you are facing be that with health, wealth, love and Relationships, such as; a divorce, reconciliation, family conflict, any work issues, injustices, any psychic attacks, enemies or something of a darker nature. Spirit Healing and Magick can help you regain your sense of self, find your life purpose and overcome any crisis.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Master Psychic I can use no tools or the following tools; Tarot, Pendulum, Crystal Ball Theta Healer Shamanic Practitioner Life Coach Law of Attraction & Manifesting Coach White & Angelic Magick Practitioner Reiki Master Ashati Soul Rescue Practioner Akashic Records Readings Soul Clearing Practioner Property and Business Clearings

Soul Healing This involves Energy Healing Facilitation. This modality Re-organizes, Re-energizes,

Revitalizes and activates Beings of Light and the radiant quantum field.

Releases blocks in Wealth, Health, Happiness, Ease,Desires, Creation, Fulfillment, Purpose and Passion.

Soul Healing Releases trapped energies and offers freedom and opportunities to make new choices and life opens up to you.

A Soul Healing Session offers; ~ Energy Balancing and Chakra Balancing ~ Releasing of blocking Energies ~ Releasing of programs that may be locking or limiting your physical, emotional, mental or spiritual bodies ~ Releasing and Freeing


Spirituality and Magick is a way of life for me. I started with the Tarot 15 years ago, I’m also a Reiki Master, Life Coach and Theta Healer, Soul Clearing Practitioner & Law of Attraction Coach.

**Curse/Hex Removal, Negative Vibes Lifting Specialist, I have 12 years experience with this, which was born out of my own personal experiences of being on the receiving end of the evil eye & bad voodoo. Not to say that everything is a curse on you but negative life conditions mean some form of negative energies present be that self created or wished upon you.

I’ve studied many modalities and can help with clearing and cleansing your aura, chakra’s, clearing cords, increasing energy and self esteem, changing and improving the energy between people and circumstances or situations, I can help you learn how to work on manifesting your goals in career and love, or any other goal or area of life through different Magick Rituals.

Magick Rituals SPELL CASTING

Specialising in Love, reconcilation, reuniting soul-mates, finding love, rivals.

I will help with finding love, healing and repairing true love and healing any love interference’s. I will tell you 100% truth if you are the one he/she loves then I can help with your relationship…sorry I will not do break-up work or bring someone to you that is not your true love, there must be some feeling of love, even soul love present. The love must be reciprocated.

Spell Casting in the following area’s and many more…...*

Attract act love and friendship Love, Faithfulness, Reconciliation Money, Business, Career, Finding Work, Promotion,Confidence,Guidance,Health, Help with Addictions and Habits,Spiritual Help, Hex, Curse, Pacts, Coven, Evil Eye, Negative Energies Removal,Justice against enemies,For Mercy,For Patience,Protection, For Understanding,Fertility,Home and Family Spells,For Understanding and Wisdom, Gratitude for answered prayers, Gratitude for benefits received,For safety in situations, for travel or for loved ones, Help against enemies, In time of Desolation, Need, Sickness, Suffering, Trials, Trouble, Justice in court cases, Lose all fear and anxiety, Overcome fear of death, temptation, Protection against the wicked, Answer to prayers, For Health and Healing, Adversities, Betrayal, For the falsely accused, When in distress, anxiety To regain Faith, To overcome guilt, forgiveness for sins, to forget the past…. and so much more

I can help with haunting’s and property clearings which can be done from a distance/remotely. At the moment I am undertaking a study of shamanism. My main goal as a reader is not just to fortune tell but to hopefully empower my clients as well as open the door for further soul searching so I am continually adding skills and attending courses to be the Best and most helpful Reader & Healer I can be.

I can help with any issue you are facing, helping you transform yourself and any situation/issue.

Please check out my website for more;

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