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Please be patient after you have opened a chat window with me, as often I can see what you have written, but I can’t answer right away due to slow connection. So, please allow 3-4 minutes until connection is established, and we can chat without any more delays. I provide a fast, accurate, and reliable service.

I have lately introduced the tea leaves, a.k.a coffee cup TASSEOLOGY readings, and most people reckon them to have great application in their lives, as these are symbols-based readings!

I offer standard love/career answers for a price of 15 dlrs for half an hour. The other slower oprion is to ask up to 2 questions, which will be answered over email for 10 dlrs.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I have a BSc ( Hons) in Political Science.

I encourage you to call me if you indeed have something important to ask about. If you are calling just to waste your time, and you are going to be rude and disrespectful, please don’t call. My priority is to give you brief and conscise answers and calm your mind, rather than spend too much time chatting, and then you feel too unsure about the prediction.

’’Thank you for telling me what you saw – you were right on the issues that I have with my sister! Eventually, our estrangement came to an end. Thank you!’’ – Lisa, 31, San Ramon, CA

’’You were right about my girlfriend being true to me! This shows I need to think twice before I act on impulse. Keep up with the good work and take care!’’ – Roberto, Austin, TX


When I was 11 a brick fell on my head, and nearly fractured my skull. Since then I have been having some awkward premonitions that are true in 90% of the times.

Several years after that, when I was older something odd happened in my life. I believe I was visited by extraterrestrial beings, which came into contact with me through telepathy.

I feel like the day before that I felt this very strange pressure, I was sweating and my body and face turned reddish, when they had never before been that reddish.

That night strangely enough me and my mom were staying in my room, when we witnessed a red light approaching my window. It looked like a helicopter, but it was quie unlike one in a sense that it did not make ANY noise whatsoever. It dissappeared literally for 3 minutes, while I was searching for my camera to capture it.

Since that day I started looking on life differently and realised that maybe I was chosen to reveal information to people and to be a channeler, since I felt that I was going to see the machine a day before it happened.

Similar things have happened to other peolple from my family. My aunt is a psychic, too and and when i realised I had a special calling in life – shortly after that bizzare meeting, preceded by a clear premonition, I asked her for help.So, she taught me how to concentrate my visions onto different objects (spheres, coffe cups, I have also started recently using playing cards) to connect with energies out of our dimension and seek answers from them.

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