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I have been sent to help others when they are truly in time of need. I had done much research to find out why we come back in this world. God gives us chances to redeem our selves when our spirit cant rest from the tragedy that was given to us from times before. but due to so much stress and confusion, it is hard to foresee what needs to be done to heal and fix from your time here before. If you feel there is something holding you back and do not have the answers, i will help you. i am a master in past life regression, i had done much training with the teaching of my Navaho grandfather (rising sun) I also can help you with your pets. Your time has come to get your answers and begin a new and healthy life. Looking forward to talk with you.

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Licensed, Honored, & Top-Rated Psychic In My Area For 28 Years. Own a Psychic Business Where i also perform readings that has been located in the same area for over 25 years. Master In Meditation Arts, and Crystal Healing. Ordained Minister. Ph.D In Social Psychology.


I have been a professional psychic for 30 years and am very honest and caring. i have attended many psychic fairs across the globe and have helped many people get through life’s toughest problems/issues including Love, Relationships, Careers, & Even Health!

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