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Licensed Professional Empath Psychic ☾★ Life/Spiritual/Relationship/Love Expert- Truthful, Honest, Accurate, ☾★


You May Feel Your Soulmate Connection With Somebody Is More Of A Curse Than A Gift, But My Readings Will Expose The Truth Concerning Your Relationship With The Person You Love, It Will Determine If What You Are Feeling Is Either Real, Or Simply A Infatuation.

I Assure You That A Reading By Me Will Reveal Why Your Relationship Has Been Stuck (Truthfully), You Will Be Able To Discover The Real Reasons The Positive Changes You Have Been Seeking & Hoping For Have Not Occurred.

It Also Will Unlock Specific Details About Your Soulmate Relationship. And Will Uncover What Is Wrong, Or Not Working, Between You & Your Soulmate, And How The Past May Be Influencing Your Future Together.

I Have Ability To Give My Clients Much More Than Accurate Readings & Predictions. I Give Both Practical And Spiritual Psychic Guidance Into Personal Relationships & Major Decisions

Generous With Time Always

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Once I Connect To You And The Person In Question, I Can See What This Persons Emotions, Intentions, Feelings Towards You Are.

I Also Test Connection, Attraction & Compatibility Levels Between The Both Of You.

Wither I See Good Or Bad There About Your Situation I Promise There Is No SugarCoating Or False Hopes, I Believe Everyone Deserves The To Know The Truth No Matter What And I Assure You That You Will Get That From Me

I Graduated At Berkeley Psychic Institute In Sacramento CA. And While I Was There i Studied Spiritualism, Palmistry, Tarot Cards, And To Be More In Tune With My Ability!

I Am A Licensed Professional Empathic Psychic. Own 2 Locations Both In Atlanta Georgia & Miami Florida Where I Provide Tarot Card, Palm, Psychic Readings.

Participated In Many Festivals, Events, And Party’s With My Services And Have Read For A Few Celebrities While I Was Living In Los Angeles For A Short While. :)


How long have you been working as a professional psychic?

I’ve been working as a psychic for 10 years since I was a young teen, and Professionally since I was 18 when I opened up my own psychic business. I now have 2 locations, One in Georgia, and one in Florida.

When and how did you find out you were gifted?

I was 5 years of age, and remember ever since then feeling the emotions of people ( empathic Ability ) was the first to kick in, I was able to either look at the person, touch a person skin to skin, then realizing I can use my gift far distant, My clairvoyant ability kicked in at 6 years of age, I was able to foresee things that would happen within hours or even days. But I am good with timeframes but I am only more in tune with my gift as of now because of my grandmothers teachings, she was just as me with having the same gifts as well. my mother wasn’t a psychic but it skipped a generation going to me next. she taught me how to interact with my abilities, an how I can tame my empathic ability because I would get left with negative emotions of the people I encountered with who wasn’t having the best day..

What tools or gifts do you use to provide readings?

Spirit Guides – which is Claircognizance Clairvoyant, Empathic, Tarot Cards, Angel Cards, Dream Interpretation, Palm Reading As Well..

How would you describe your reading style?

I highly respect my clients in whatever situation they are going through I am foremost always truthful.I am understanding, compassionate, honest, straight forward – To The Point, I don’t beat around the bush about what I see, but I am gentle with my clients so that they can understand whats best for them, my job isn’t to misunderstand or misguide them in anyway But to help them open the right doors, make the right choices and empower them for a better future.

What is the process of gaining information for a client?

i send my love to the universe and ask to receive the good in the reading, and i also pray to archangel micheal for protection during the reading. i like the client to focus on their reading and main question so that i can have a very strong connection to them and what i see. i ask for only name and date of birth and a picture can help with the process as if i have more of a personal connection to them that way.

What is your goal during the reading?

for my client to make the right choice because I can’t control their future, i can only tell them how to gasp a hold of their life so they can make the best decision. because our choices and actions are based on whats to come. like for an example, my job is to let them know the out come if the client was either to go left or right, theres two ways this can go.

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07 Sep 2018 excellent ranking curious123456

Had a great chat with Natalie! Connects fast, is patient and allows you to answer questions throughout the reading needing clarification, and is surely professional. She provided a time frame that is to occur one month from now, so I am hoping it pans out :) She is personable and I love the time we spent chatting! Thank you!!

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05 Sep 2018 excellent ranking cryscee

Very thorough reading. Lots of details and insight to help me navigate the situation. I hope things play out with my person of interest like she says. :-)

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05 Sep 2018 excellent ranking mnamos74

First-time chatting with LP Natalie, and she was AMAZING!! Picked up on my situation and the person in question with such great accuracy she left me in awe :). Will definitely contact her again, and she is at top of my favs list as well.

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05 Sep 2018 excellent ranking kittykat

Wonderful is not a good enough word to describe the reading! Read the situation spot on, not one thing that I thought was a bit off! Very happy with the reading and looking forward to the future :) thank you!

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29 Aug 2018 excellent ranking sapatsanun

She is accurate, honest, and very generous with time. She made sure she had a connection with me before starting and answered all my questions clearly.

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