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My name is Natalie Monroe, I am a God gifted empathic psychic, spiritual consultant, and love expert. I have the gifted ability to tell you of your situation and give you clarity and balance that you need to make important decisions, I am not here to give false hopes to anyone nor give you want you want to hear, I give you what you need to hear so that you are put on the best path!

have dedicated myself to only making the strongest connections with each of my clients to ensure they get the best possible psychic experience. My purpose is to give you the truth and nothing but it.

I have been giving spiritual advice to thousands of believers for over 10 years and more. I’m a spiritual Psychic that has a special gift from god to help you approach the future with confidence and hope.

My psychic ability is guided through prayer, Love, positive energy that comes from within the universe!

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I Also Have Studied Spiritualism, Palmistry, & Tarot for 10+ years


I’m a empathetic psychic. – Meaning i have the psychic ability to sense the emotions of others. this is why i am expert in connecting to peoples feelings and intentions for a love reading.

I use tarot cards – The cards are perfect for a general reading, any thing your wanting to know wither that’s a question about Your health ( No i don’t diagnose any health concerns.) , wealth, happiness, family, work, business, and love. the reading will go in to detail. and it will tell me if you have some messages from anyone, :)

I Operate And Own My Psychic Office Where I Offer My Services Of Psychic Readings, Tarot Card Readings, And Palm Readings.

I Have Participated In Many Festivals And Party’s With My Services


i have helped people from all around the world for over 10+ years. I am a high believer in God, and the spiritual light that is connected to all of us and by him, i do not work with anything that has to do with Voodoo, Witchcraft, Wicca, And Black Magic Or anything that may be deemed unnatural or evil!

Please Do Not Confuse Me With Other Psychics Who Gave You A Bad Reading Here On Bitwine, I Only Tell The Truth Even If It Hurts You, or Its Something You Dont Want To Hear. Because I Do Not Give False Hopes To Anyone.

Note: Please remember that nothing is truly written in stone, all people that do consult me for any advice concerning the future can EASILY change the future by choice, And by living life differently. making different choices for them self, I cant give any advice on health questions. Please do not consult me for fun, i only take serious clients. Do not consult me if in a negative mood i can not have a spiritual connection due to a clients mood the reading will not be accurate. when in consultation with me i ask for Date Of Birth & First name and for you to have a positive attitude and clear mind so that i can have a very strong connection to you and you’re situation. My specially priced readings are for first time clients, and can only be used ONCE during the reading. If you are a return client must always go per min!**

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24 Oct 2017 excellent ranking lea24

Great insight

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02 Oct 2017 excellent ranking alba

She is amazing. Fast connection and I really hope her prediction will pan out. Can't wait to update her on that. It was a great reading. Very tuned in, friendly and generous.

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01 Oct 2017 excellent ranking royazl101


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01 Oct 2017 excellent ranking EKT (unregistered)


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09 Sep 2017 excellent ranking missme4

My new bestie!!! I loved this reading. It was ammazzzing!!! It really gave me clarity about my situation. I will be coming back for sure.

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