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Through the explorations of our quiet mind, through the immersion and submission of our thoughts to the Tarot, and through our desire to unlock that which is hidden, we can find our answers.

Simply put, I teach how to ‘read’ the tarot deck. I also read the cards, offer everything I feel and see, and help you find a solution to ANY problem you may face. I help artists, writers, lovers, mothers, bosses, children… anyone lost in need of guidance.

I use the Rider-Waite Tarot deck, although I can use any. Further discussion about the issue you contact me about beyond the cards is okay and encouraged. I will help you learn the cards and learn how to use the cards as well.

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I hold a BA degree in Philosophy. I have been reading the cards for 15 years. I use the cards daily for person guidance. I teach others to use the cards.


I am new to BitWine, and excited to be apart of this community. Everything that has happened up to this point has led me here (ask me about my lingering spiritual guide and her guidance through 111:: unbelivable, and completely inspiring!). For years, I’ve been reading the cards, being drawl to their symbols and seemingly hidden ability to comfort, guide, explain, and teach.

As a little girl, I experienced a traumatic loss. My mother died of cancer two weeks after my fifth birthday. She read the cards, meditated, and studied astrology. She was an intelligent woman with a degree in writing and journalism. I often remember laying with her on a blanket as she read the cards and showed me their illustrations. These precious moments in my past are my first encounters with the Tarot.

Her books, a vast collection of astrology and new age subjects, were stuffed in a box, which I discovered in our basement years later. I was 14 years old, and embraced the treasure I found. I read the books, which fed my imagination, in secret after experiencing harsh critism from my father and step-mother.

Time passed, my father and new family knew nothing about my love for these subjects which they didn’t understand. I excelled in school, in both arts and science. I grew to hunger for all things relating to the mind.

I forgot the cards until I entered college. My sociology, philosophy, and anthropology classes, in conjuction with other courses, began to tie together in a way that urged me to find my cards and explore them further.

Hours of research, research that I continue to this day, culminated into a deep appreciation for the cards, symbols, psychoanalysis, and embracing that which we cannot currently explain. When friends and family learn of my ability to read the cards, they are shocked because to them, it’s just a game. Then, I read for them. Their faces sometimes bring tears. Some become angry with what the cards unlock. They almost always ask for more readings when I see them again.

I want to bring this experience to users around the world.

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