Pamela Aaralyn

Multi-Gifted Aura Reader- HONEST and REAL


I have been led to help people make positive changes in their lives and possess years of experience as a professional reader and spiritual counselor. I began to view the aura at approximately five years of age, and have been studying and seeking understanding of auras ever since.

1) Clairvoyant reading: Ask a question about the present or future.

2) Soul Channeling: Ask a question directed to a person in your life (or out of it) and receive the answer from THAT PERSON. A unique experience you won’t forget.

3) Aura Reading- What is your color and what does it mean for your personality, health, career field, life path, etc.

4) Pets- I can read the aura, whereabouts, feelings and health of pets.

5) YOU- I will not charge you for any question I feel I am not connecting to/getting the answer to.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

12 years as a professional psychic, Ordained minister, 12 years as a life coach and spiritual coach, 5 years as a writer


I’ve worked with phone readings since 2001. It was the perfect platform for learning how to use my gift QUICKLY. I can answer your questions, and I can answer them FAST. This saves time and money for you. I also worked via chat readings since 2002, and this taught me to utilize gifts via email and chat.

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