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ACCEPT ONLY verified* PAYING* CUSTOMERs*Soulmate relationship EXPERT opens the door by spying into his true feelings. Divorce~cheating~marriage where is the relationship developing. Is he in your love's future? Indepth~concise details and timeframes.


Hi my name is Cherokee. Most sought after clairvoyant and remote viewer gives right into your story with images. My work has been documented through police and FBI. My accurate information is release confusion and blockage.Confused about lover’s feelings towards you. I will use my remote viewing skills, psychic gift spying into lover’s thoughts revealing the smallest details. Surfing the internet for hooking up? Texting her? Is he leaving or staying? My uncanny psychic gifts tapp into deceased spirit communications conveying the smallest details. Your psychic reading begins with birthdate.I will guide you seeing where~abouts and feelings in the relationship! I will bring love back into the soulmate relationship WITH my powerful candle ritual. I answers questions regarding divorce, marriage, commitment phobia and career. I do not respond to e-mails.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Master Psychic* Psychic Detective* Master Certification in Tarot*

Paranormal Research Investigator


Ghosts Paranormal Investigations.* Remote view in medical mysteries.* Sacred signs and symbols mysteries.* Missing objects* Working with Law Enforcement

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25 Feb 2013 unsatisfactory ranking prettylilthang77

Unhappy with reading, not the situation.

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18 Feb 2013 unsatisfactory ranking fire7

It's funny how an advisor can't respond to any of the 5 or so emails I sent her at different times, but she immediately responds to bad and neutral ratings! What does that say about this person? You be the judge... But as far as my personal experience, it seemed like this advisor was simply telling me what I wanted to hear, and I suppose as soon as she couldn't come up with a good enough lie about another person, she simply ignored me from then on. Unprofessional at best, rude at worse. She was very nice in our chat sessions, but when I questioned or challenged her she snapped, and tried to make me look like the bad guy. I removed my 1st bad rating, conversed with her, and I thought we had a mutual understanding and respect from then on, but I guess I was wrong? I gave her months to respond to me, so she's without excuse this time.

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