Terry Mitchell

Events, Q&A Sessions using Tarot & Dice, Spiritual Cleansings and Compassionate Non Judgmental Conversation!



5 Events for $10


10 Events for $30

Per Min Q&A on any Non Event Related Subject is Available for $5.99 a Min

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:


10 Events are $75, You Get a FREE Spiritual Cleansing included in This, You can choose to not have the cleansing done though

Per Min Q&A Is Available AFTER Events for $5.99 and of course as explained in the disclaimer cannot be about Events that have been revealed



Events are Predictions that will happen either directly in your life or to the lives of the people around you, People you are connected to, However this could be as close of a connection as your family and friends or new neighbors or co-workers and it can include people you have yet to meet, I may tell you that Richard and Lisa have a fight, 3 months later you meet new neighbors Rich and Lisa who seem nice and calm but now you know, they fight…Please keep all of this in mind before telling me you dont know so and so, Also its possible someone you know knows the names involved-for example your co worker may know Rich and Lisa, their fighting may cause her mood to be negative at work which would in turn affect you, see?

Events also cannot be focused on any subjects or People and I cannot answer questions on them or delve deeper into them, whatever I tell you is what you have to work with-When You call I will ask for your first name, B-day (for legal purposes) and a code so I know you read this disclaimer in FULL, that code word is RED but Please keep reading..

I should Note here that You CAN give me the first name of someone you wish to know about but I CANNOT Promise that they will come up in The Events, If you want to know specific Answers to Specific Questions, Events are not the right choice, I suggest opting for a Q&A Session instead

Events/Insights can be days, weeks or Months in advance..They may be very specific with dates or Names or they may be extremely Vague such as "a man asks his ex to dinner"

Events can be positive or negative as well-so the Real Code I need so I know you read this in full is Hillz, Thanks for being honest

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Local Time: (GMT-08:00) June 26, 2017, 01:57PM

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