Terry Mitchell

Events, Q&A Sessions using Tarot & Dice, Spiritual Cleansings and Compassionate Non Judgmental Conversation!



5 Events for $10

10 Events for $40

Per Min Q&A on any Non Event Related Subject is Available for $7.99 a Min

I wont sugar coat or give you a fairy tale, If You are looking for that, call someone else

Refund Policy: None, I do not offer refunds

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:


10 Events are $85, You Get a FREE Spiritual Cleansing OPTIONALLY Included in This

Separate Cleansings are Available if you do not wish to have Events, Price is based on Energy at the time of the call, Usually Between $5 and $150

Per Min Q&A Is Available AFTER Events for $7.99 and of course as explained in the disclaimer cannot be about Events that have been revealed



When You call Please Give me your real first name and a code, This is The word "Red" This way I know you read the FULL disclaimer below

I suppose the first thing I should say is that I dont sugarcoat events, if I see you going on a date with a psycho named Fred, I am going to warn you about it, If you are hoping for flowers and butterflies, I am the wrong reader for you

Events MAY connect to Present Situations in Your life and to People You Know NOW but they MAY NOT—As I see the future, I may see situations & Names that are LONG TERM, Arguing with me that these dont make sense or don’t connect to your life or You don’t know a Name I mention only tells me you didnt understand this disclaimer

I may also see Events that are connected to People around You but are NOT about You specifically, It could be that since you are calling me and they are not that you are now becoming the messenger so to speak, You need to get my message to that person so that their future can be changed for the better

Clients have reported Events happening between as little as an Hour to as long as 3 years in the future

Events cannot be focused on specific People/Subjects though if you give me a first name, I can look for that person in The Events, Though this is not a promise they will come up, Also, Once read I cannot answer questions about The Events, Whatever comes in is what you need to know

At the start of this disclaimer I told you I would need a code, Its not "Red", Its actually the word "crow" Thats just to make sure you read the whole disclaimer

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