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Gifted psychic, spiritual advisor and life coach. My readings are very straight-forward, pecialties are ove, Relationships & Family

Finding love/Soulmates Sibling/Parental Issues Toxic Relationships

Career & Finances

Career Changes Co-Worker Disputes Work/Life Balance

Life, Destiny & Meaning

Embracing Change/Getting Unstuck Spirituality

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Most of my Family are mediums my mother was and my grandmother is as well as other members in my Family some are healers. I come from along line of psychics and Wicca. I my am not Wicca however I know alot about the religion because i was bought up around it so I am aware of making candles fro certain thing as well as spells for love and luck etc I do not make anything to harm anyone or anything that would make a person do something they don’t want to do. I am a white lighter and only work for good. I see spirits and communicate with then and also feel the energy of love ones


Ursula has always been connected spiritually. Growing up in a family with roots down in the Bayou,and Mississippi readers and candle burning for luck and money were not unusual. Ursula’s mother and grandmother both have the gift of sight, although they may not admit it. Ursula did not embrace her gifts until later in life, when she allowed herself to open up spiritually and mentally. Once that happened, the flood gates opened. Always interested in the paranormal, Ursula began experimenting with EVP’s. It was at this time that she started noticing her abilities to communicate with the spirits. No matter what device she used (digital recorder, tape or computer) she was receiving very clear messages. She began experimenting with ghost boxes (radio transmitters that sweep the airwaves) and once again she was getting uncanny messages from beyond. However, these were intelligent responses that referred to her by name and often mentioned her children’s names. Her senses began to develop where she began to smell and feel the presence of spirits. As her senses improved, so did her sight. Yes, she was now vividly seeing spirits to point where she could describe their gender, features and clothing. Ursula suddenly was being contacted from individual all over the globe who were drawn to her because of her gift. They convinced her that she needs to embrace her gift and help others pursue the light. Through a chance meeting over the net, Ursula was introduced to Frank Sumption, creator of the "Frank’s Box". He sent one to Ursula because he said he had been hearing her name for year’s on the boxes and thought she was supposed to have one. Since that time, he and Ursula have become long distance friends and he has shared a few more boxes with her. Ursula is now using the boxes and meditation to communicate with spirits that are looking to crossover into the light. So a new chapter has begun, Ursula has encountered a number of individuals who have been drawn to her for advice and counseling. While she was not ready to embrace the inevitable, she now knows she can help many. She was convinced of this when she began uncovering details of individual encounters that she had no prior knowledge. She had never met these people and began telling them about things that were going on in their lives. Ursula can bring her amazing gifts to your private party and is available by appointment. Her accuracy has astounded those encountering her for the first time. Ursula is dedicated to helping the living and the deceased. She lives with her loving supporting family in the Chicago Western suburbs

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