Readings by Mary

Spiritual/Life Advisor and Born Psychic! Honest Insight, Acurate Answers, NO SUGAR COATING!


Looking for HONEST non sugar coated insight?Allow me to give that to you with one call! If honesty is something you don’t want to hear, I may not be the one.

Is there obstacles in the way of your road to happiness? Does it seem you’re not reaching the success and happiness you deserve? Having relationship problems? Then allow me to help guide you in the right direction of the road to happiness and give you answers to all of life questions.

I Specialize in:

Love/Relationships Career/Finances Travel Past Lives Marriage/Divorce Breakups/Closure Soul Mates & Twin Flames Lost loved Ones Reuniting Loved Ones

I specialize in all the above by using these type of Readings:

~Tarot Card ~Angel Cards ~Clairvoyant ~Emphatic Connections ~Dream Interpretation ~Crystals ~Aura Chart

Stop being confused!! One session will enlighten your life don’t hesitate, get a reading today.

I DO NOT go against anyone’s free will. I DO NOT Work with black magic, just against it.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Born Psychic that comes from a long line of Gifted Psychic’s. Established business for 18 years but been giving Psychic, Tarot, Palm and other readings since the age of 8. Been a Spiritual adviser and healer since the ago of 11. I’ve helped over 800 people and can’t put a number on readings I’ve given. Licensed Reader.


Being Gifted at birth I had to make a choice to either practice and study my gift and use it for the good of others or let it disappear over time. Knowing that I can make a difference by shedding some light on a situation, advising someone on which road to take, or bringing clarity to someones life of confusion is what intrigued me. Knowing I can make a difference.

That thought is something that pushed me more than others in my family. I spent much time focusing on my abilities not for myself, not to boast but to know what I excel in and what needed to be worked on more. The more I excel, the more people I can be able to provide my services.

I have traveled many places, led by my spirit guide, to learn more and more about each topic I had an ability in, to strengthen myself and my abilities. It was not easy but it was definitely worth it. I am not able to see past and present, past lives and future in crystal clear vision. Dreams in something I love to interpenetrate. I have removed curses, hexes, spells, binds due to voodoo, black magic, spirit possession. I am able to correct, heal and cleanse energies, chakras, auras, spirits. These are just to name a few.

I have seen a lot and accomplished much more by helping people from everywhere no matter how big or small the issue.

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