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I will give you a glimpse of the future. Tarot, like any tool of introspection, can give you information that you can use to make conscious choices to shape your own future. An ethical tarot reader will only tell you what is likely to happen—it is then up to you to decide what to do (or not) based on the information.

My prediction usually happen but it also depends on the Higher Self of any person involved in a situation. I see what will happen according to what they are showing me today at the time of the reading. If you or anybody involved in a situation changes his path tomorrow the outcome or the prediction will change immediately.

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I must start a new beginning. That’s what I have to do. I must remember at the beginning is the early morning dew. I must remember that the stars above also shine for you. I must remember that in love it’s the giving that you do. I must remember not to hurt by saying what is true. I must remember to do the things that I’m really meant to do. I must remember why I was created and give my ‘God’ his due. I must remember what it is that ‘He’ depends on me to do. I must not be egotistic and I must always listen to the view Of other people’s notions and not fill my ears with glue. I must remember not to panic and end up in a stew. I must give to ‘God’ ‘His’ purpose of what I’m here to do. I must listen very carefully to my guides and helpers too. I must remember always that it’s Love that makes it all come true.


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