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I am Intuitive Healer and Tarot Reader. My readings are tempered with compassion, caring guidance and positive reinforcement. I enjoy enlightening people to paths they may not be aware of and leading the way to new beginnings. There is a rhythm to this glorious life and it is a helpfull when it comes to understanding this rhythm. Through my receptive understanding and gifts, I am able to connect to you with heart-felt emotion. This deep bonding enables me to feel what weighs heaviest on their hearts and minds, allowing me to offer solutions and insight. A reading with me will enrich your life and bring you peace and inner harmony. Please call me so I can assist you in keeping your life on the right track. It would be my honor to guide you. Allow me to help you empower your life. Give me a call and together we can begin to create the life you deserve.

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I am in the Highest rank of Mediums who are sensitive to ghosts, spirits and angelic guides.

Channels, like mediums are sensitive to spirits, but they may allow a spirit or guide temporary access to their own senses in order to facilitate direct communication. A “Conscious Channel” will remain control of all faculties during the experience and has full recollection. An “Unconscious Channel” may black out and have no recollections


Im a 7TH Genaration Native Indian Psychic My Spirit Guides Help Me Connect to Our Love One On the Other Side ..I mastered the Tarot decades ago, and for many years practiced my craft only for a small but elite clientele. I have served as an advisor to publishers who make Tarot decks and write Tarot-related materials. Now, you can join my exclusive inner circle with your own private reading from a true master of the craft. The cards speak to me the way I speak to you. I don’t simply read them—I understand them. My Tarot skills are supplemented by my psychic vision, which is known for its 98 percent accuracy. Sometimes, I can see YEARS ahead. But I know tomorrow is what is really important to you.

I consistently stun my clients with my high degree of accuracy, and that’s why they come back. Almost all of my business is repeat business, and I have never had to recruit customers.

Even other psychics come to me.

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