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Rochellee has over 34 years of experince working in the Psychic world around us. She is very gifted in communicating with loved ones, who have passed on, into the spirit world. This is a great gift, because, with Rochellee’s help, you can be in contact with a deceased loved one as much as you would like. Rochellee offers great advice in all areas of your life, romance, money, travel, or whatever you are seeking. She can help you with faled relationships. If you have problems at work with other emplyees, she has great advice on how to approach certain people and make that relationship better. Rochellee can send you White Magic Spells, to use in areas of your life, that you feel you need that extra help. White Magic Spells are to be used for positive outcomes, not to harm others. She looks forward to helping you achieve your dreams and goals in all areas of life. Once you speak to Rochellee, she will create a personal profile for you for future readings. She will also send you free emails to stay in touch

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I have been doing readings for 20 years, and have 34 years of psychic experience. I am known for finding negetive spirits that have attached themselves to you. This is not good when this happens. If you feel like things are always going wrong, and you feel drained, you may very well have a spirit draining you of your engery, so that they can feed off of it. I can rid the spirit from you safely, so you will have your life back. I also specialize in hauntings. I have a team who investigates, hauntings, and if indeed your home is haunted, we will collect the evidence and I will do a cleansing of the home. I specialize in speaking to spirits that have passed on. This is my favorite gift, because it is a way for my clients to stay in contact with their loved ones, and feel that they are very much alive, just in the spirit world, not the human world!This, I feel promotes healing. When you miss them, you can always be in contact with them, and keep them very much in your current life. I also do tarot readings.


34 years of Psychic advising, and being a Medium, where I can communicate with deceased loved ones. I also investigate hauntings. If I find your home to be haunted, I will connect to the spirit and command them to leave with a cleasning od the home. I have been blowing minds with my readings. My clients keep calling bk for more advice, etc. You won’t be sorry that you chose me to chat with!!

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