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The charts I use look at midpoints – where I point to an area in your chart and look at surrounding planetary energies with the addition of 8 hypothetical planets created by German astrologers to give a more detailed description of events.

This is not your Western 12 house astrology – it is a unique experience.


I consider these charts as a God-given tool to determine probabilities in your life based on where the stars and planets were at the moment you were born. Each midpoint creates a formula of combined planets to help guide the energies of your reading with my intuitive abilities.

The accuracy of your birth information determines the quality of your reading. Each minute your time is off throws planetary actions by 4+ months.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I have been practicing astrology for the past 10 years


I consider myself to be an intuitive, not a psychic. This means that I am more prone to feel out a situation, sometimes using tarot to confirm if it’s needed.

I try to stay away from timeframes because they’ll never be fully accurate. I may often summarize a window of time that will be vague, do not expect much else from me there.

I am not a medium and do not communicate with those who have passed on. I sometimes pick up on energies but not all the time.

I am not someone who tries to guess who you are or what is going on with your life. I am not here to impress you, I am here to help you.



In order for a chart to be done properly and to get the best results, I need your EXACT date, time, and location of birth. The quality of information you provide me here produces the quality of your reading.

If you are unsure of your time you can find a copy on your birth certificate.

If you don’t know your time, don’t get a reading with me because it’ll be a waste of both of our times and your money.


If you want to look at a love potential for you and a potential partner – I need BOTH of your date, time, and location of birth. If you do not have this information I won’t read for it. I can only look at your chart specifically to see if there is potential for love to come into your life, but I won’t be able to tell you with who.


Natal Chart Outlook – $30.00 This will look at aspects about you natally, looking into your career choices, looking at upcoming transits, and you’re welcome to ask questions.

Follow Up $15 per session

I do charge a per minute session but I would prefer to charge you a flat rate so we are not on any time constraints – I like to spend as much time studying your chart as needed. Most readings can go up to 30-45 minutes.


You acknowledge by taking me into a private session that you agree to paying for services provided on this page. You are not paying for a product and no refunds will be issued for any services listed on this page. All responses given by me are not guaranteed 100% accurate and you acknowledge that you have free will to alter the course of anything that comes out of our session.

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