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Pau Wijaya is the niece of Susie Wijaya and was born with very strong intuition and psychic abilities. She is one of the original founders of the Crystal Jade Psychic Guild in Indonesia and assisted in the globalization to California along with Susie, Yani, and an Indonesian Dukun. Her natural gifts include clairvoyance, clairaudience, empathy, and a psychic medium. She also provides additional and intensive readings such as past life regression and akashic records. She had just returned from a spiritual awakening that she experienced in her recent travel to Bali. She has returned to the United States and is welcomed back to the Guild. Pau is also an expert in many esoteric topics such as astral travel, Akashic Records, and remote viewing. She has been raised with knowledge of eastern occult with origins in Tibet, China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand and divination yet maintains beliefs that all methods of obtainment, guidance, and esoteric matter fall under the spiritual laws that govern the universe.

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Pau has been performing psychic readings as a professional for over 10 years before joining the Crystal Jade Psychic Guild. Crystal Jade Psychics began in 2008 as authentic psychic mediums came together to offer psychic readings over a virtual platform. The original foundation began in Bali, Indonesia with Susie Wijaya, Pau Wijaya, and Yani as well as a local Indonesian Dukun. In 2011 the Guild crossed international borders and began operation in California, USA and incorporated Jazmin Nara (Usui Reiki Master) and April Rain (Professional Tarot Reader, Psychic Advisor, and expert in Wiccan Occult). Yani Rondon & Michael Kay are also additions to the Guild as of 2012.


Aside from psychic intuitive readings, reuniting lovers, astral projection coaching, meditation coaching, chakra balancing coaching, she teaches courses and is an expert in occult. Through she (as well as other guild members) offer a plethora of ancient and contemporary esoteric services such as live chat psychic readings, psychic readings per question via email, love and life psychic reports, comprehensive Akashic Record readings, past life regression readings, tarot, chakra balancing, aura cleansing, distance Reiki sessions, love spells, love potions, enchanted pendants and elaborate spell casts for every aspect of life and much more.

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