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Are you unsure of someone’s feelings and true intentions? Are you wondering whether the opportunities you need to succeed are on the way? Let me guide you with the tarot and an array of natural psychic abilities to not only find out what waits ahead, but how to handle any and every situation life throws at you.

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I’m clairsentient (I feel or sense), claircognizant, (I know), clairvoyant (I see), and clairaudient (I hear). I have a strong ability to tap into emotions and character traits, so if you’re wondering about someone’s feelings towards you, and why they’re acting the way they are, I’m the advisor to contact. I can tell you the hidden reasons behind their actions, their feelings, and how to deal with the situation in the best way possible.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I’ve always felt that I was different to others somehow and even as a child I found it hard to fit in and feel like I was just a part of the group and one of the ‘kids’. I’ve been able to pick up on the emotions of others from a very early age, and this was often a scary thing because I didn’t understand why I experienced and felt the things I did. I heard and saw things as well and had premonitions via dreams. I only fully understood by the time I reached my late teens, and by then I knew that I had an innate ability to sense and perceive things other people could not. My gifts have not been taught, but have been with me all my life. I’ve learned various other skills over the years, but these only serve to enhance my readings and to add extra depth.


I have five years’ experience as a professional psychic, and have had the privilege to read for clients from all over the world. I’ve performed readings via chat, webcam, email, and phone, but prefer phone readings because of the personal touch.

I’ve been reading for over ten years, because I started seeking out information from a relatively early age, and used the first few years to hone my skills and to practice on anyone who needed a reading. The time I consider those first five years a valuable investment, because it showed me the true extent of my insight, and just how much I’m able to help others. Below are just some of the numerous reviews and feedback I’ve received over the years:

Fast connection


Great reading! Fast typist, very sweet. Highly recommended!


Outstanding reading, very powerfull ss

Her reading was very strong

Very comprehensive reading…an absolute sweetheart! covered romance & finances. Quick typist and easy to understand chat! Thank you!

Very Honest and Compassionate Reader picked up very accruately on my situation and confirmed alot that ive been feeling as well . worth more than 5 stars!!!

a very good reading she connect well with me told me alot of things that are true thank you

Allanah is fantastic and very in tune with the other person emotions.

Awesome chat reading!! She gave me loads of info and even sent me an email with the main points and details. Highly Recommended.

Thanks for the reassurance. You’ve been great, supportive, and insightful. Thanks for going that extra mile to help.

She gets right to the point without wasting time. She’s been spot on with so many things and gives great advice.

The information Allanah is able to translate is always inspiring. She’s one of the most compassionate psychics I’ve dealt with.

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Languages: English, Afrikaans

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