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true psychic advice helping inn all matters of life normal price!Accurate and trusted advisor A STANDOUT among readers: NOTICE: If you are cut off in chat OR have problems getting in, please wait a few minutes & try again. We’re experiencing technical issues. I provide truthful, detailed readings using tarot cards, my psychic ability and my guide. I will deliver the truth in a kind way, both good & bad. I specialize in complicated relationships, but have experience with all areas. I am very generous with my time, but I will only send payment request 2X. If it is cancelled, I will exit chat. This isn’t personal, I do not do free readings for new or long term clients. and wont allow time wasters to occupy chat when there are serious clients waiting for readings.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Associate Degree (natural sciences)


Clairsentience (empathic) – I can feel energy & emotions from other people. I am an empath, can pick up your emotions, as well as the emotions of those you are inquiring about.

Clairvoyant – I have the ability to "see" or gain information about an object, person, location or physical event.

Claircognizance (knowing). Visions come from time to time during readings. When this happens I can describe the image in detail.

Tarot Card Interpretations – 14 years experience.

Empath – literally feeling the energy and emotions of client and others involved in the session


I have 13 years experience providing readings professionally in my office, and 4 years experience providing chat readings online.

Non-judgemental reader. If the info in the reading turns out to be undesirable, I can discuss with you ways that you can change that outcome by doing things differently.

I do not provide free readings at all, and reserve chat for paying clients. I only provide information while the timer is running. Before asking for free services, ask yourself if you mind going to work without being paid. Asking for free readings or stalling to make payment may affect your access to get readings from me at all.

Like most naturally gifted psychics, I realized even as a child that I saw, felt, and knew things others did not see, and while it was confusing at the time, I didnt realize it was a ‘rare’ thing. However, as I got older, for the most part I ignored this gift and kept it to myself thinking of it as a flaw, feeling if exposed I would be labelled abnormal. It was through the experience of childbirth I realized the extent of my gift, the blessing that it is, and was inspired to share it with others. I provided readings for my family and friends for years before agreeing to provide them professionally as an adult. I’ve studied many aspects of the esoteric my entire adult life.

It is rewarding to me to feel a clients energy shift from distraught to healing into a calm and peaceful energy during a reading. It is also rewarding for me to see a client become empowered and take control over their own lives and find their path to happiness.

I think everyone comes to crossroads in their lives, and sharing the gift of foresight (or second sight) provides a tool for clients to help see various opportunities and make decisions in order to get to a comfortable place, and lead a happy life in the present.

I do ACCEPT unregistered users,but NO FREE sessions sorry. I reserve the live chat window STRICTLY for paid readings, no exceptions.

Please keep in mind that it is possible to become "addicted" to psychic readings. If you feel that you are impulsively contacting psychics for readings as a means of "quick fix" to an emotional state, this is not what readings are intended for. A psychic reading can provide you with insight into the feelings of people and insight into situations, as well as provide you with likely predictions and timeframes based on current circumstances. The actions of those involved in a reading can change both timeframes and outcomes. Psychics can provide you with advice on the best possible action to take to reach the outcome you desire, IF the desired result is something that is attainable. If you feel you are impulsively contacting psychics as an emotional fix, hopping from psychic to psychic and spending beyond your budget, please send me an email, and I will provide you with information to get help. A psychic reading should leave you feeling more empowered, not dependent on more readings in order to feel emotional stability

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