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ღ Spiritual david

spiritual david


The world has many obstacles, Many things that will try to stand in the way of you & your happiness, The problem is sometimes its very hard to tell what is an obstacle & what is trying to help you.

For most the obstacle comes in many forms family,loved one,energy,confusion,friends,co-workers,job,business,money,children

That’s why i am here to help you understand My insight is like no other, I am very blessed & gifted my vision has been with me for a very long time and it gets stronger each day When i was younger I had a vision of a higher energy something telling me and showing me what i am meant to do in this world how i am meant to help people & that is when i knew my calling, That i am a healer, A guider. I’m not just a spiritualist I give advice i help others with everyday problems.

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The age old question "who is my soulmate" Or "where is he/she" I found myself at the center of this question at a point in my life also, wondering praying for an answer as to where is my other half, Thinking maybe i am destined to be alone?

Let me help you find that out.


I am a born gifted psychic healer with over 20 year’s experience through my abilities i can see the future and tell you what direction to go and who is right for you and when your luck is going to change i am experienced with ESP, Psychic, Tarot Card, Astrology, Numerology, Crystals & past life’s. call me today for your reading & i will tell you what you need to know, decisions to make & what to do or if she/he is right for you.

Chakra balancing that is something that Is like chicken soup for the soul, It helps soothe you in an UN-imaginable way, It puts your mind & body at ease in so many amazing ways, Of course its like a healing for your chakra like something putting balance back into your life that’s why its very important to always look into chakras. The world can be a confusing place, A dark place scary even, But that is why i am here to help you figure out where to go to sort out the mess in your life & head i help put people at ease i help you understand why your going through what your going through and how to help the situation no matter what it requires.

So honestly let me help you today.

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Local Time: (GMT-06:00) June 24, 2018, 09:00PM

Location: Long Island, NY  (Find on Google Maps)

Last seen: 6 days ago

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10 Jun 2018 unsatisfactory ranking Dee (unregistered)


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20 Nov 2017 unsatisfactory ranking love11 (unregistered)

Very stressful waste of $20

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21 Oct 2017 unsatisfactory ranking shazashoo

Prediction did not come true. I found out the guy has so interest in me...he said he has been thinking of me...I don’t think so because I contacted him via text...he did respond back initially and when I asked this guy to hang out and meet up I got no response after months of not talking it does not take a Psychic to work out he is not interested

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20 Oct 2017 unsatisfactory ranking shazashoo

Lied to me the guy never showed up like he said he Wouk and when I tried to talk to him about it would not accept the chat. I want a refund

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05 Jul 2017 unsatisfactory ranking pri

Got disconnected...I was typing away but no response...disappointed.

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