Born Spiritualist- I read the spirit ,of the person and situation ,Or situation where is not going to well and you are not clear with the person . I read ,if ex is coming back or not . I don,t sugar coat . I only tell you what the spirit show me around you and the future . if you think you have a Hex ,or a curse on you where someone is to trying to control you , or want you of not of your own will . ,or giving you bad luck , . I will give you the truth . What the spirit show and help you to rid the bad luck . I can call your enemies names. God Gifted Spiritualist Contact me- and I can give you even more . On Readings Spiritual Help and work . Just ask for your spiritual help and I will give you some information on what to get to bring love faster , and finances for the New year. Do you have angels around you and how to have them help you $.2.50 min $20.00,$30-20min -Need Love spell to reunited your lover ,or money , job . want to know about baby father. Will love return ?

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I have a many awards for giving people the right direction down through the years , and credits . For helping people all over the world. I have a Bachelor Degree, Major Communication.


I have experience for 50yrs, on Life issues , Love and Romance .I give you full accurate insight and details on the situation and let you know the truth . if you are sad and don’t know what to do and not know which way to go . I will give you full accurate detail . Exp;-in hex , and curses I will give you the truth and help you . To break any negative situations on you , from finances , to career and much more . All areas of your future . Don’t wonder , I know I can help you. I have help people all over the world . If you need cleansing to break any negative around you , be sure to ask , I have a special for spiritual cleansing , the reading and spiritual help full reading and spiritual help $50.00 to $100.00 to draw positive to you on all matters around love and romance and finance , uncrossing your love so he or she can return break the cycle of your bad luck , it something wrong when you can’t keep a relationship or love , and a marriage , OR Finances , or a job , come and see why and get spiritual insight help those of you believe in feng shui , I can tell you what get to bring love and return love also , and finance improvement I can help you . And I know other things to help you . Come in and receive your help to day You won’t regret it . Where others can’t see what is happening around you , I will give you full accurate insight and the truth . if you need the truth and details and having it clear what is going on around your life , ad relationships , And it is always a issues and you can’t keep a relationship , in your life , or marriage , even have a date . Its some thing wrong . I will help you in spirit . I read the true spirit of a person thoughts what their feelings are are toward you if this person is a destiny , Where others fail , I give you a clear understanding on all levels . You don’t need to be confuse and what is ahead , and what messages he or she is sending , I get the answer from the horses mouth their spirit and give you the truth . Come in a receive a special , Don’t wonder about your love life and relationship , let me give you clarity today and connect to his or her thoughts , what his or her real feelings are good or bad . come in for some specials , and don’t wonder any more , Many years of helping and making clients happy and reunite the love back to them to work out what have happen in the pass for love going away and not interested any more , and to give you insight what built up to the separation from each other , this is important , when you want love to return to you , it was something where made love leave , where he was not ready , or if he wanted other options , Many have to look out what they are doing wrong , and to take their time , Love is one things but communication is a another Let me help you see what is ahead on real love and if the person is worth you waiting for or not . I don’t give any one any false hope , but the direct truth what it show n and to make changes in your life around love .

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30 Dec 2017 unsatisfactory ranking Lynn (unregistered)

Gave me a false hope story. The reading was a toxic experience

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30 Aug 2017 unsatisfactory ranking neiceynoodle

Rubbish!! Want my money back. She didn't know anything. Said that my ex is coming back and I said I didn't want him to so she said someone else was coming. Complete change around. Not happy!!

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28 Jun 2017 unsatisfactory ranking oneofakind22

I came to this reader because of her reviews! This is my first time coming to her for a reading ! After the first thing she wrote about my situation I told her we were not connected. It was the opposite of my situation. Then when I told her my situation then she tried to pretend she is connected to it . She is a fraud and not an honest person . After this review I am reporting her to bitwine ! Don't waste your money or time or believe previous reviews . If you want the transcript I will provide just contact me!

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22 Jun 2017 unsatisfactory ranking bunny251

1st reading was great. But on second reading there were many mistakes. Money was never a problem.. many insights are wrong in the second reading.. 1st reading was awesome.. felt bad for spending so much on second reading based on my 1st experience. I Extended the conversation hoping that she gives me clearer picture.. gave me a solution have to try it. But for second reading i am not satisfied with what she read for me..wrong interpretation

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02 Jun 2017 unsatisfactory ranking espy284

I couldn't understand the advisor. The way she typed; the letters were juxtaposed. She offered me 25 minutes; however, I cut the reading short because I had no idea what she was trying to convey.

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