Hi, thank you so much for visiting my profile. My name is Jenaveev and I’ve been blessed with as an intuitive and empath. My gift allows me to sense and feel emotions from people and their surroundings. I instantly have an overall sense of who a person is when I meet with them or speak with them. I use their spiritual aura to provide knowledge and insight to resolve matters in love, life, and happiness. I use tarot as a tool to guide, enlighten, and give clarity so you can make sound decisions in your relationships, family, finances, and career. I have a deep love for my gift and tarot. I will listen, if you have unresolved issues, and I will talk with you about anything your concerned about. My true path in life is to help and provide positive energy with the gift of knowledge and enlightenment. At the end of our time together I want you to feel empowered to make accurate decisions on the direction of your life’s spiritual journey.

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