4th Generation Psychic Empath~One Of Israel's Favorite Psychics~Readings on Love~Romance ~Relationship and Money



I use my natural ability to commune with my spirit guide, to bring you the answers you are seeking.

My readings are concise and accurate. I give the information as I receive it, so no matter what, you will always get the truth.

The universe has given us an abundance of knowledge and energy, my heightened sensitivity allows me to receive your answers quickly and clearly.

Regardless of the subject matter ( Love, Work, Money,) the universe can and will provide, it is my pleasure to be the vessel that delivers your clarity.


Leave a rating and tell others of your positive experience and you’ll receive one free question (5-7 minute reading)

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

My natural skills were recognized and developed at the age of 8 years. At that time I was taught the significance of my gift. My skills were encouraged on a daily basis, and I learned how to listen to the universe and receive answers.

The next phase of my development focused on how to organize the flashes of images I receive into clear cohesive messages. I then spent the next decade sharpening my skills in every way possible.

Now I am an advanced psychic with a direct link to my spirit guide. You ask the question I receive the answer, it’s that simple.


Empathic – I feel the energy & emotions of others.

Clairvoyant – My ability provides me with images that are pertinent to the energy around you.

Master level Tarot Card reader.

During the reading please allow yourself to feel completely comfortable and ask any question that comes to mind.

I am a non-judgmental reader. My purpose is to provide you with answers. It is not my place or my desire to distinguish for you what is "right or wrong".

I’ve been providing professional in person readings for almost two decades.

I am an established phone and chat reader and I am happy to say, with the help of my spirit guide, countless amounts of people have received the clarity they were seeking.

I’m not here to prove my abilities or convince anyone of anything. My feedback and my likes are my references. I do provide free connection time, however, this is not to provide free answers.

Please respect both my time and energy and refrain from entering a chat you have no intentions of paying for.

As I am Intuitive and working with Spirit I cannot guarantee any outcome due to Free Will of the client

I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at any time.

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Languages: English, Hebrew

Media: Audio Call,

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31 Oct 2013 excellent ranking zina (unregistered)

very great reading...was highly receptive of my issues and does know what the guide tells her! I recommend that you give her a go! thanks heaps peace to you both

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25 Oct 2013 unsatisfactory ranking hotboyatchs

I did not enter reading with Anger you just was wrong. You can't get Angry if we did not connect and reach out to another client or someone for them to leave good feedback because I was right and you was wrong.I got a email from him today.We just didn't connect I know that happens sometimes. Also doing the first 3 mins I always asked my questions and when the charging started she said let me ask. Then repeated herself. She read like the person I asked about was new to me which made the reading seemed generic or Parapsychology which I am not a fan of. Everyone on this network can't be a Psychic.

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24 Oct 2013 excellent ranking hogne

Just amazing

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24 Oct 2013 excellent ranking s001001

good reading, thanks

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21 Oct 2013 excellent ranking jen58

Thank you once again Grace! You have truly put my fears at ease. Wonderful reading! =)

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