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Marie (Psychic Word)

Psychic Readings


Psychic Reading: Specify if you want a general reading or whether it is regarding a particular area of your life, such as love or work. Initailly I will describe the images that are put into my mind, which may be the spirits who surround you or reflect the influences around you at this time. Then I will ask for some direct influences or images from your past. Following this I will ask the spirits to show me images relating to your future and to provide interpretations. Remote Past Life Regression- Intuitive insights and remote psychic regression is used. I will connect to you on a psychic level and regress to a previous lifetime on your behalf. Maybe you are interested to see how it relates to things happening in your time now, giving you an answer to why an area of your life is as it is. Or maybe you are just interested in discovering one of your previous lives.

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