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ACCURATE WITH TIMELINES!! NON-JUDGEMENTAL READINGS. If you are having a rough time in your relationship, family life, work or any other area of your life, I WILL help. Put your trust in me.

REAL TESTIMONIAL FROM CLIENT: "After years of experience with people who have the psychic ability, but not ever truly being satisfied because something was missing from the connection, I came upon Miss Toria. This was in in search for answers and solutions to a personal situation that over the last year caused me extensive pain and confusion. Words cannot even begin to express my gratitude for her. She truly has a natural gift, ability, and connection to make accurate predictions on what is asked and give the correct guidance to ensure you are on the right path. Recently, I did a cleansing with Miss Toria to help restore my positivity and peace. Instantly, despite being in the midst of some of my most difficult times, for the first time in years, I am the embodiment of the calm after the storm."

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I have been blessed with the gift of seeing the future and utilizing it to help other people navigate their way through it. I have traveled all over the United States helping people discover their destinies, now I want to help you.

I have over 15 years experience in readings, both in person and long distance.


As a child, I as well as my Mother, noticed something was a little different about me. My visions of the future were mostly confused for vivid dreams and a wild imagination. After I figured out how to control my visions, I started to guide people through their hardships to deliver them to their best destination. I pride myself on the bonds I make with each client and I genuinely love helping others. PUT YOUR TRUST IN ME AND I WILL HELP YOU

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No Refunds unless done while during the reading. No Guarantees.

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14 Aug 2016 unsatisfactory ranking end.amaia

Disappointed by this reading. Predictions given in previous readings are not going to happen, as free will of another person completely shifted the outcome. Well, I wonder why was this not foreseeable before? She seemed pretty sure about her predictions beforehand. What is then the point of having readings if things can shift all the time? And today's reading besides changing the outcome for me was like using the forceps to get from her the few words that invalidated everything. Really disappointing.

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21 Jul 2016 unsatisfactory ranking lea85

I don't know what she was talking about something I knew she's not telling the truth OG Lord , not my favorite sorry

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14 Jul 2016 unsatisfactory ranking stanley66

Frankly. . I had a hard time trying to get a reading with Toria and for quite a while I thought she had blocked me because she was always unable to chat with me even though her button shows she's available to chat. Finally I sent her an email and she was kind enuf to do the reading. However, I must say that I'm quite disappointed with the reading. Not the contents but as what some had described. .. dry. And her reading differs from other psychics. .. ams not a lot of details given. I'm not v sure we connected well. And when she exit abruptly which I believe is due to time being up... but I thought there could be a more personal touch. Maybe she connected with others but I dun feel the connection was ideal with me.

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26 May 2016 unsatisfactory ranking abovethesky

Predictions were inaccurate, I actually did receive a call from the job you said I wouldn't. They want to further the process and I received another offer. Thank God, I trusted my gut, would have been led astray. Sorry, but would prefer a refund, ma am.

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15 Mar 2016 unsatisfactory ranking tyannbeck

Felt no compassion from this whatsoever. I should've really went with my gut feeling and not gotten this reading. It was also as other's stated a bit cut and dry read.

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